Microsoft wants more realistic characters in games

OXM UK: A Microsoft job posting suggests that the company is focusing on creating more realistic game characters in its first-party games.

The job ad is for a Technical Art Director at Microsoft's UK office, which means it'll be working at least in part with Lionhead - creators of E3 show-stopper Milo.

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qface643477d ago

i don't know about the rest of you
but there have been so many articles that have a picture of peter molyneux lately anyone else getting a bit annoyed at that?

Jonty3477d ago

You can't stop the Molynator.

qface643477d ago

i actually just pictured terminator 2 with molyneux .__.

Hellsvacancy3477d ago

Take a look at Heavy Rain baby (im all over it)

militant073477d ago

but you wasn't annoyed by killzone 2 article before its release 6billion articles/sec

MisterNiwa3477d ago

Marcus Fenix and Master Chief.

jwatt3477d ago

Yea I think Sony has done a great job with games with realistic characters like Snake, Nathan Drake, Nathan Hale, Cole, Nariko. Yea some of them had great abilities but they all seem like your average person.

Darkeyes3477d ago

Kratos, Nathan Drake and all Heavy Rain characters say hi to M$.

Foxgod3477d ago

Kratos = realistic ?

*frowns forehead*

Hes a white negro that kills gods, for gods sake.

militant073477d ago

snake isnt sony character.

and i loved nathan drake

Foxgod3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

True, snake was around before sony even had a gaming platform.
Sony did produce msx's, but that was just a collaboration they had with Philips and MS, who where the producers of the hardware/OS

sniper-squeak3477d ago

..characters in games like The Last Guardian?

Making gaming more realistic.

Foxgod3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

You people are confusing looking realistic with acting realistic.

It doesn't surprise me that people on n4g actually misinterpreted someones vision tho.
It would actually shock me if you people understood something for once.

The good man here isnt talking about Gfx, hes talking Artificial intelligence.

Hes working on Natal, if you seen the demo youl know its more about AI then Gfx.

Gorgon3477d ago

"The good man here isnt talking about Gfx, hes talking Artificial intelligence"

What does an Art Director who's job will include "manipulation of motion capture data, facial animation creation/capture and rigging being specific interest areas" has to do with AI? Obviously the objective is creating more believable looking characters and animation to go along with AI, not AI per si.

ArmrdChaos3477d ago

Natal is not just about's about connecting a game to a real world environment. Imagine with Natal's face recognition you will be able to say your name at the beginning of a FPS session and have the characters speak to you by name and look directly at you as they speak to you, thus further immersing you in the story. Even multiple people playing co-op on the same system could be singled out distinctly by the characters and given orders or asked what they want to do. For that matter you could actually give gestures to AI groups to have them silently take action. There is a lot of different ways to employ this besides control. That is what Molyneux is refering to.

KKanjiAnkh3477d ago

Then by all means Mr Molyneux go make movies, please.

This is the same guy who said Too Human was outstanding, then retracted his statement after the review, having not played the game.

What majority of games/genres will spend the amount of time/effort to fully give the player that well fed experience?

I was tired of this in the 90's, when it was called Virtual Reality, check the trends.

Most importantly who all will be working on/with this project, I know time will reveal but in no way will this replace my controller.

Christopher3477d ago

AI is in regards to how they interact with the world. Physics is what makes them look more realistic.

Problem? The 360 will need to have software developed for it that will circumvent the processing and bottleneck issues. The VRAM of the 360 is big enough to handle larger textures, but the SPEs of the PS3 allow it to process a lot more data at once, which is primary for AI, Physics, and particle effects.

AAACE53477d ago

Heavy Rain is beautiful and is one of the most realist looking games, but you can still look at it and see that they are videogame characters with lifeless eyes, and movie quality acting.

I think what Molyneux wants is for you to feel like you are interacting with a real person.

The human eye is an incredible thing. Even the eye of an animal is extremely hard to recreate. You can tell the difference when something has life in it and when something doesn't.

Well, i'll keep it short... I think thats what he means!

ChozenWoan3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

" 1.1 -
You can't stop the Molynator. "

You say Molynator
I say Molyster
but still the same.

It's funny the way he makes it sound like no one else has been working on this. Game studios have been getting better and better every gen, but the tech is still a long way off... even for computer games.

MIT and several other universaties and institutes (Sony included) have been working on making a single AI that can fully engage a person. Unless he is willing to leave game making and focus on this one goal, He is just blowing hot air. Until you can make one "believable" AI, it's impossible to try and make a game filled with them.

Milo only worked for a sec due to his input into the experience... well his and the "man behind the curtain". If he wasn't there using his Sith Lord "jedi mind trick" powers during Milo demos, I'm sure no one would have believed it for a sec. Until he can create one AI that can stand on it's own interactivity, there is no need to shine any more light on his behind. He's not the first dev to push the limits, wont be the last.

Now back to some real gaming new plz!

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dogmeat eater3477d ago

Would start to make good games again. His newer games are kind of mediocre.

Downtown boogey3477d ago

Haven't played his games but they've been received well as far as I know.

Qdog3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

While under Peter Molyneux, Lionhead Studios has done an excellent job of making games... though they arent as adept at keeping promises. To me that says that they are ambitious and perhaps ahead or their creative order. Lionhead brought us the Black and White games first, then the Fable games, both were very ambitious titles, and I think the biggest problem, was that the hardware was not yet powerful enough to fulfill Lionhead's obligations, so it left the games under-recieved and over promised. What Mr. Molyneux is doing with Milo, I'm pretty sure he wanted to do half a decade ago, when he made such grand promises in regards to Fable.

Serg3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Peter Molyneux is a visionaire, not a PR guy, he should stop talking about his games and people would see the games for what they are, instead he describes them as gods gift and people get disappointed because they were expecting something better.

Hardware not beeing enough is certainly not true for Fable. We have seen a fully open world game and how well it works through the game Gothic. Fables world consists of tiny little pieces each one a 10th the size of a decent FPS games level. Still no open world in Fable 2. Also the scripted events in 1 were killing me. And don't even get me started on the unbalanced monsters, if one of the Golems has managed to knock your character off his feet, kiss you a s s goodbye as you will not be able to stand up again. Overall it was fun but certainly not groundbreaking.

Freak of Nature3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Qdog hits it on the head of the nail....Bubbles to you...

As Qdog mentions "that the hardware was not yet powerful enough to fulfill Lionhead's obligations, so it left the games under-recieved and over promised.".......... This is the problem,the vision is there,but the systems ceiling is still too low to get to where the vision/ideas are.

The systems have come along well enough,but not there yet power wise.They still leave room for improvement.Devs such as myself go through this everyday.Thats why I like working on cinematics still,where I can give it all my attention,high details and no short-cuts,or compromising my work.

Sometimes working on in game assets for talented high end artists is like asking Monet to draw with crayons instead of oil...

About 15 to 20% of industry friends I have made through my 20 years in the industry are now working on the next games for the next systems,besides the movie industry of course...

The next round of systems cannot come fast enough for high rez artists and designers such as myself.

Hyper realism is boring,we get that in our real lives everyday.

Give me the World of "caricatures/toons,or even realistic toon/caricatures over hyper boring real people.... Mario's,Ratchet's,Banjo's,Sack boys,Oddworld inhabitant creations anyday.More stylish,quirky,creative,fun.

Let me tell you when a studio asks me if I want to create a real life horse or space marine, or a troll/dwarf,which one do you think I want to do? Or a World/set piece from the real World or a fantasy creation like halloween town from Nightmare before Christmas,which do you think most people want to do,or see?

Realism has it's place,a major place,but I still like fantasy,style and creative art....

dogmeat eater3477d ago

But he always makes big promises that never turn out to be real. Like the fable games with there choices.

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Perkel3477d ago

btw awasome idea why soo late ?

Midgard2283477d ago

guess peter is gonna have to stop making characters that fart and burp for a minute straight lol.

realistic wud be cool but i still luv my fantasy

Halo3 MLG Pro3477d ago

Seems like they're starting to get some new projects working with Natal. The future is really looking good for the 360. I expect insane next gen AI in the near future for us 360 owners.

red2tango3477d ago

Sorry, but don't get caught up in the hype. N4G also has an article up that the demonstration was possibly fake.

beans3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

This could become a reality for 360 owners, but I'm thinking this is stuff we will see implemented well in the future. The next xbox will take advantage of it but really it's not about 360 owners. It's really about gamers and grabbing the casual market along with keeping the hardcore extremely satisfied. Just like in fight night did where you could choose to use the sticks I'm sure MS will do natal or a controller.

"Sorry, but don't get caught up in the hype. N4G also has an article up that the demonstration was possibly fake."

It's not about getting caught up in the hype, but more about hoping Natal lives up to it's promise. There's nothing wrong with being a skeptic either until you try it or at least see the thing in action. What's wrong is when you deliberately want it to fail due to ignorance and blind fanboyism. Anybody saying it's fake is nothing more than your typical negative fanboy and shouldn't be taken seriously. Yeah don't get caught up in the hype, but at the same time shut up and let's see or give it a chance.

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