Halo: ODST Where's The Hype?

The game looks good not as colorful more realistic and with the new story mode gameplay, it seems that their would be more of a riot over this game but, in truth it was not the big splash of the show.

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GrieverSoul3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Well, they got so "hyped" from a multiplatform title developed from Konami that was always associated to a Sony console, that they forgot about their precius loved HALO!

*The following content does not portray any real event or is protraying any real life person. Its merely a delusional gamer mind working to make some humor in the... OPEN ZONE!!!*

Xbox360fan - Sony lost an exclusive! In your face Droids!
PS3fan - Its a multiplatform title dude! And MGS4 is still PS3 exclusive anyway!
Xbox360fan - Yeah, but this MGSR will be 10 times better than MGS4!!!
PS3fan - Well, I hope soo! Since it will be a game I´ll play on my PS3 i hope it turns out alright! By the way, I thought MGS4 was crap! That it had to many installs and too many cutscenes and all...
Xbox360fan - Yeah! Well... *sigh* Okay, i dont like MGS4! I just wanted the game so I can rub it in your face saying that X360 as all the best games and stuff... I´m sorry man! I got carried away.
PS3fan - Its okay man! We all get carried away sometimes. By the way, the new HALO looks alright!
Xbox360fan - AHAH!!! In your face droid!!! HALO IS THE BEST SHOOTER IN THE WORLD!!! Hell ya!!!! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH....
PS3fan - *walks away*


PtRoLLFacE3482d ago

dude how the hell u have so many bubbles, pass the secret lol

qface643482d ago

that was a nice story for a sec i was expecting them to walk away into the sunset together or something cheery and happy like that lol

qface643482d ago

i know right im surprised im not seeing more people hyping this up like crazy since halo 3 was hyped up the wazoo

did you guys see how at E3 when the bungie guy came out and demoed the game the crowds reaction was barely there same thing when they showed the trailer for halo reach
seemed like the crowed went more crazy for forza 3 then what they showed about halo

green3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

The truth is that Forza 3,Alan Wake and Splinter cell: Conviction just looked liked much better games.I will be getting Halo: ODST because i like the Halo universe and from some previous i have read, it has a very good story but am i hyped up for it?Absolutely not.

Anyway i don't think anyone should be bothered about the hype.We all know this game will have great marketing and as a result of that and the name HALO, it will be the best selling game or 09, second only to Modern Warfare 2.

chaosatom3482d ago

Microsoft running out of money?

FantasyStar3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

It helps more if you've read the article and contributed more than a sentence. That way, you don't look that obvious of a jackass and a fanboy.

chaosatom3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Edit: Are you Kidding me?? There is nothing in that article.

It doesn't even talk about the 'HYPE'

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Hiruma Youchi3482d ago

Xbox 360 1st Party Games Dont Need No Hype to Sell Millions In a short period of Time Unlike Most PS3 games who takes a whooole lot of time to even reach the 1million peak. u f..ots

DelbertGrady3482d ago

Considering what games were shown before it at E3 I'm not surprised the hype is with other titles at the moment. Come November the hype will return though.

ThatCanadianGuy3482d ago

...Is that a KKK guy as your avatar?

ThatCanadianGuy3481d ago

Aw, how cute.So you changed it.So you front like a racist than when someone calls you out on it you pretend your not? Pathetic.

Just like the useless idiot above me.

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Gun_Senshi3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Halo ODST Presentation Sucked. It made my Eyes Bleed.

Now before you idiots call me fanboy. I look foward to L4D2, even though I am disappointed and awaiting promised DLC. I hope it won't be full retail price game.

For I am one guilty of still playing L4D

Screenshot Proof, unlike most of you pointing fingers cannot do. Just like I said Gears 1 sucked and called me fanboy and showed you proof I have it.

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