DLC Killed The Unlockable Star

Remember cheat codes, hidden characters and alternate costumes? How about when they were FREE? Do you know how much they cost you now?

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No FanS Land3111d ago

The website only lists 360 games, but LBP must be one of the most expensive games, that and Guitar hero/rock band.

WildArmed3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Agreed. It kinda is nitpicking on 360, but it still is true.
Although LBP n Rockband are different things than say Soul Calibur 4 and unlocking 'special' bullshit customes.
Its a different thing to add new stuff in the game than to monopolize on the stuff dat should be already there.

FYI, i think Fable II dlc was worth it n shouldn't be mentioned :D

ultimolu3110d ago

I miss those days indeed. Was never a fan of DLC to begin with.

3110d ago
WildArmed3110d ago

lol dat sure means alot coming from a guy with 3 bubbles
/end sarcasm

ultimolu3110d ago

Sorry, I can't speak that language. :|

FamilyGuy3110d ago

Street Fighter IV
Soul Calibur IV
Guitar heros
Rock Bands

are the worst of the bunch. The first two blatantly rip you off, the second two have songs at $2 a song, now tell me:
Why is it that we can't simply take the songs straight from our own albums once released on the store? Ok maybe they could charge $1 if we have them and that dollar can be payment for the music sheet that syncs with the song.

WildArmed3110d ago

i think 99 cents would be a reasonable price 4 each song.
But Rock band n Guitar Hero DLC is legit, since it actually gives u licensed songs..

but ppl are entitled to their opinions ^^