Last.FM On Xbox Live A Dream Come True For Podcasters

This is a dream come true for podcasters around the world. For years, since the launch of the Xbox 360 back in 2005. The podcasting community have been requesting to have podcast shows on the Xbox Live Marketplace via stream or download. There been other ways to listen while playing a game by connecting your Zune or Ipod to your console but at the end it was a pain to make that happen every single time. But with the new announcement during Microsoft E309 press conference of Last.FM coming to NXE later this year. That means gamers can not only listen to music but also your favorite gaming podcasts on the Xbox 360 & share it to your friends around the world.

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qface643479d ago

this is actually one of the few things that has me curious
can you listen to international music on this?

MGOelite3479d ago

yes cause this is nothing like vidzone...

JohnnyBadfinger3479d ago

theres no suck thing as last fm in Australia, so we better not be stuck with a feature we cant use and thats american, same with twitter = FAIL and FaceBook is for 12 year old girls.

Heres an idea who about working on Australian DEDICATED SERVERS!..... american morons