Assassin's Creed 2 Graphics Comparison: Ezio or Altair, which one is the cooler hero?

PCGames writes: "Among other new screenshots of Assassin's Creed 2, we present to you on Saturday a graphics comparison of a somewhat different nature: Even if the main actors, Ezio and Altair come along almost identical visually, we let the two heroes from Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed 2 go against each other."

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chaosatom3475d ago

I wish that they made a super-hero game instead. I really didn't like the fighting mechanism in AC

SaberEdge3475d ago

Really? I loved the fighting mechanics in Asassin's Creed. They were innovative and actually allowed you to perform precise fighting movements and counters that looked realistic, unlike the silly random hack and slash of most games.

dantheman15153475d ago

He looks so badass, I didnt think Altair could be one upped, but it happened. The combat was good, but I hop they can make the combat a little more fluid and fast paced, rather than the turn taking system that it was.

Jamegohanssj53475d ago

Ezio has a cape, so he automatically wins. He also works with Leonardo DeVinci and he's one of my heroes.


gamesmaster3475d ago

at least Ezio has an accent in tune with the region its set, Altair had an American accent, which ruined the atmosphere a little for me, still i enjoyed the first and will most definitely pickup the second.

chaosatom3475d ago

But it's different. Climbing is cool, the objectives are so so boring. I just needed a lot more.

Insomnia_843475d ago

As long as it's not as repetitive as the first one I'm in.

CobraKai3474d ago

I agree, Ezio looks cooler what with the cape, but what really did it for me was when he used dual hidden blades to kill two guys a once.

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RonyDean3475d ago

Altair is the cooler hero

Cacic3475d ago

Altair the original is always the best.

DFogz3475d ago

Ezio is much cooler, he's got a cooler sounding name (it's just fun to pronounce) he has a cape because he thinks he's a superhero, he dresses with a little more style because he loves the ladies, and he has two hidden blades, knows how to swim, and disarm his opponents. Oh, and he has an accent.
Case closed, Ezio Auditore deFirenze wins.

Hockey113475d ago

and has a gun and can fly.

thewolf53475d ago

personally, I like Altair better. 1) because I've grown fond of him (which may be why I don't like Ezio) 2) I like Altair's name better 3) Ezio may have all the cool weapons and junk, but I think an assassain looks 10 times more bad ass if he can do more stuff with less equipment, kinda just says "hey, I don't need this junk, one blade will be good enough for me"

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