Sony shows their exclusive desire to win the next-gen console war

Gameplayer writes: Microsoft are usually the ones associated with opening up the cheque book to secure exclusive content on multiplatform releases, but now Sony has shown its willingness to do the same thing.

"The next-gen console battle is by no means a new thing and just when Sony and Microsoft seemed to be reaching a point where they were looking for new ways to win over new clientele, they've reverted to old tricks. It would seem that having various exclusive titles to wave at each respective opponent's face isn't enough for the two battling companies, as they've both been guilty of forking over funds to secure exclusive content for multiplatform titles."

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Gue13481d ago

Next gen or current gen?

chaosatom3481d ago

Both if you count ps3 as current as well as next-gen.

-MD-3480d ago

PS3 is basically a 2006 PC so how could it be "next gen"?

OmarJA3480d ago

Then i guess the 360 is 2004 outdated PC with inferior hardware components & lesser features.

-MD-3480d ago

Wow you got butt hurt real fast.

I like how you made it "2004" it released in 2005 idiot. What was the purpose of writing "outdated"? Anything from 3+ months ago is outdated that's the way of the consoles L2technology.

I think we all know which console has the most features... I mean comon open your thick pale eyes (Hint: it's not the PS3).

Darkeyes3480d ago

Lol Murderdolls PS3 outdated... What does that make the 360? Vintage? I totally agree with that feature part... Only 360 can set a house on fire and scratch discs you put into them... Or else show the RROD or E74 errors... Man I must admit.. The 360 can do a lot more things than paying games.

360=2004 piece of crap... Ya jerk it was released in 2005... development didn't take one day you know. Even EA said 360 is maxed out (outdated spelled carefully not to hurt M$ or the 360 fans..).

ultimolu3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Oh, so Murderdolls...the 360 is supposed to be next gen? With the outdated DVD9 that can't even hold a full game? Things have to be compressed in order for it to fit properly?

Your hatred of Sony and the PS3 blinds you. I highly suggest you seek help.

Oooooh, keep those disagrees coming. You can't prove me wrong so you backpedal.

Keep it coming!

La Chance: If Sony really paid for exclusives, they would have paid to keep FFXIII exclusive, wouldn't they? Didn't it ever occur to you that developers usually develop games for the PS3 because they have confidence in the Playstation brand and the technology itself behind the PS3?

Oh, forgive me, you're a 360 fanboys so logic doesn't apply.

Omar: Bubble coming up for you as well.

OmarJA3480d ago

The only one who's butt hurt here is you, trolling in every PS3 section with the same ignorant & pathetic comments...

Go bubble your other accounts loser...

Bubbles for the two above me.

La Chance3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Sony do pay for exclusive material.Period.

All those who think they dont are naive.

Funny how when a 3rd party game goes 360 exclusive = MSFT paid them

But when a 3rd party game is a PS3 exclusive = they did out of love and trust in Sony.
.....Or because they want to "use the full potential of the PS3" like Free Radical with Haze, like FF13 before E3 2008, like DMC4, Tekken 6 (looks as crappy now as it looked back in 2007) etc.

Videogames is a business not a public service.

FamilyGuy3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

M$, unmentioned in this article, also has a deal with Modern Warfare 2 DLC too.

Assassins Creed 2 will probably have those weapons for sale in both stores after their psp version has time to sell. And take notice to how i said "their" psp version. Sony isn't paying for this, the assassins creed devs want the psp game to have better sells and this is a way to do it. M$ doesn't have another platform to boost sales from.

Sony saved the ghostbusters game period.

They're hardly doing ANYTHING similar to what M$ is doing and i kinda wish they would. M$ will never stop trying to 1up sony with multi-plats so Sony should absolutely fight back.
Thing is, Sony chooses to spend it's money on it's own games and we all see that they're better for it.

La Chance
You're a fool if you truly believe that no dev wants to simply "see what they can do" given all the advantage of working on a PS3 exclusive.
The 360/M$ limits what online user created content is allowed even though they're already hacked.

Their on-disc encryption makes the size of games limited to something below what their last gen console was capable of and now that they're HiDef that constraint is felt even more.

No HDD in every model is not only limiting already but M$ forces the games made on it's console to HAVE to be accessible to all their user base.

There are obvious advantages to working on a game for the PS3 exclusively. Good devs don't want to be limited and want to show what they really are capable of and the 360 simply does not allow for that.

-MD-3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I still haven't gone to bed so I'll read all of these when I wake up and tear you guys apart.

@ idiot - I skimmed through a few sentences though and caught this"Oh, so Murderdolls...the 360 is supposed to be next gen?" I wasn't aware I said anything about 360 being next gen. I simply stated the PS3 is a computer from 2006 just like the 360 is a computer from 2005.

You guys are way too defensive go outside.

@ other idiot - You seem to really think I have other accounts... heh pathetic. It says alot about you (like they say it takes on to know one).

I really care about the number of bubbles I have! I didn't even know how they worked until 5 days ago.

UltimateIdiot9113480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

So what you're saying is that companies aren't allow to scratch each other's back and favors aren't allow either?

Video game is a business that depends greatly on the audience and fans. No fans and loyal customers, no business. By the end of the day, you still have to make your customers happy especially the loyal ones.

silvacrest3480d ago

honestly, who cares if they pay for exclusives?
more games for the fan base is a bad thing now?

sony have so many games coming the exclusive rockstar game isnt even as big a deal as it would have been on the 360

SuperM3480d ago

I honestly dont think Sony paid Rockstar for this. Atleast not directly in the form of dollars. However they will assist Rockstar with development aswell as marketing which definately is valuable. Thing is Rockstar North has a longstanding relationship with Sony. Alot of their success is thanks to the PS2. So while Microsoft would have to pay for this kind of deal, Sony is in a different position as they have proven what they are capable of. Also since PS3 is a more powerfull hardware and much less limited when it comes to space (bluray + harddrive) it is an ideal platform for a developer like Rockstar North who take great pride in making great games and dont want to be limited (hence why they complained about the lack of storage on the 360)

FamilyGuy3480d ago

That's interesting, I don't recall being able to buy a computer of the PS3s processing power and with a blu-ray disc player back in 06. Are we talkin house hold computers or mini super computers?

In any case you're still wrong.

*chomp chomp chomp haak tooo*

ultimolu3480d ago

So when people prove you wrong, you have to resort to childish insults? Calling people idiots?

Don't get mad because someone spoke out about your ignorance.

gintoki7773480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I thought ps3 and 360 + wii were all the next generation of consoles. I do not think there are any other consoles out there that can compete. + if the ps3 is a computer from 2006 thats a pretty damn good computer for me.
whatever why are we even worrying about the gaming industry we do not work in it.

menoyou3480d ago

Sorry but Microsoft does this at a whole other level. Many developers have spoken up about it. They literally drop big bags of money for exclusivity, to steal exclusivity, etc. They actively do this all year long. Sony doesn't.

bjornbear3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Also, this is just fair, MS has done this for ages =) sony is doing the right thing in bringing their game on! This is real competition =) Then again we all now exclusive is timmed so its just a matter of which console owners are the most patient ones =P

Oh and Tony Hawk's ride timmed exclusive? I dno if its js me bt tht game doesn't look like its going to be a big hit =S

@ Murderdolls

Is your console that important to you? I mean how old are you? this isn't kindergarden, you don't have to resort to stupid comments and lame comments just because you feel the money and time you invested on your console is threatened.

Grow up and write something with substance for a change.

Thugbot1873480d ago

Can I please get the mins of my life i spent reading that article back?

JokesOnYou3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Nobody's claiming its "wrong", actually I always wondered why its been a big criticism of micro this gen, when in fact sony has done it plenty in the past, and "buying out" studio's is just a bigger way of "locking out" non-ps owners from playing games by that particular dev studio= I still say "why not?" thats called business, its a reality of life, the more "exclusive" content you have the more attractive your platform becomes. Now the point heres is obviously sony extremists have made micro out to be the devil for this tactic when in fact sony has done it, is doing it and if were talking about "buying exclusives" is a negative stigma because it limits "fans of their games" from playing them, then buying independent studio's ultimately accomplishes that on a even larger scale indefinitely. I think what some are really upset about is the fact that micro has created a strategy to compete with sony having more in-house studio's by simply "paying off" more 3rd parties, and thats whats really pissing off sony loyalists. Either way gamers aren't "entitled" to a any game, sequel or not unless they PAY FOR IT, if that means buying the "other" console then again lifes a beatch if you don't pay for the things you want. Sony buys exclusives, micro buys exclusives, neither are the devil for doing so, just deal with it.


commodore643480d ago

@ murderdolls

I have no idea why you are getting disagreed and pounced upon by the ps3 rabble.

The ps3 is indeed a 2006 pc with a slightly inferior graphics card to the 360.

Why does that simple fact provoke such a reaction, I wonder?

jeseth3480d ago

That's funny.

I wonder why Killzone, Uncharted, and GOW3 kill everything on 360? Must be some strange coincidence! Especially since Xbox has been out a year longer and exclusive devs have had more time with it.

Hmph. Maybe Xbox devs are just inferior and incompetant? That must be it.

or . . . .

PS3 has better graphics capabilities.

P.S. PS3 also has more "features" than Xbox for whatever tool said that before. Honestly, some people just say crap they know isn't true out of blind fanboyism. Craziness. Xbox 360 is an awesome machine but to say its a better product than offers more features than a PS3 is just ignorance.

Gue13480d ago

If PS2 is last-gen and PS3 is considered next-gen then what is current-gen?

RememberThe3573480d ago

PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii are current gen systems.

@Everyone else. Sony and MS both buy exclusive content. MS "needs" to go about it more bluntly because of the fact that they don't have as many developers in house. Sony can be more diplomatic because they don't "need" to secure third party exclusive titles. Neither way is better then the other, and in the end both systems are given good reasons to buy them.

evrfighter3479d ago

LOL wow the "ps3=2006 pc" comment seems to have struck a nerve with a certain bunch of fanboys.

How's it go again? It's funny because its true!!! lol

and ya I'll agree that the 360 is basically a 2004 pc. But if you don't know already I don't own a 360 so I really don't care how crappy it is.

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heihoosilver3481d ago

sony don´t pay for exclusives...
ya right...
it´s how it works.
now what sony fans? the table turn around again?

4pocalyps33481d ago

ohh is that the argument now..? because before it used to be "but but teh ps3 haz no gaems!" now that we do have games its "bu bu sony paying them for exclusives!" orrr it might be the fact that the playstation might be the more powerful console and has a bigger memory capacity on blu ray dvd's so that the developer has more space to enable them to do what they want without the fear of not having limited space.

Daz3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

But it didnt have many games, now its does have alot of games. so there no need to spin.

TheTwelve3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Don't mind the Sony h8ers. They're steamed because they used to be called "hardcore" with their Box and now they're forced to pretend that God of War III is "too much" and get overly excited about a Wii-wannabe device.


UltimateIdiot9113480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I don't think Sony has to pay for exclusive. Sometimes influence is enough. I mean Sony and Warner are working on DC Universe, so it's pretty obvious Warner would be willing to hand Joker as an exclusive. Other platform owners should be glad that Sony is allowing GB on other platform since Sony owns the IP. If Ubisoft does not take advantage of the PSP to PS3 connectivity, then I would say it's quite foolish of them. I've been dying to see more PSP to PS3 features and now it's happening.

ultimolu3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

You're mad because that argument of 'Teh PS3 has no gamez!' is fading away and fast. Oh, I remember how the 360 fanatics would cry 'Teh PS3 is just a bluray player!' 'Sony will never have games!' 'Gamez keep getting delayed'!

Now the tables have turned and the haters backpedal. Keep backpedaling. You're running out of ammunition.

This kind of stuff is what makes me dislike 360 fanboys. The *inferior* console is becoming the chief cornerstone for games.

And another thing. Gameplayer? Heh, they're ones to talk. Developers are actually paying attention to the PS3 so now they're steamed about that.


Daoshai3480d ago

ultimolu, your just a fanboy yourself. I own both and sony and xbox fanboys drive me crazy. Sony fanboys are defiantly worse on this site (more of them), but I hate when fanboys call fanboys out.

Anyways, why do you pretend to be a girl? ;0

Serg3480d ago

Sony pays for exclusives, they have 2nd party studios you know. Sony probably has more developement studios than the Xbox has games coming out this year.

The video game indrustry isn't simply business, it's creative work, where creative people are that don't want to waste their time producing the same crap over and over again. The want to create something they are proud of. Currently this means eliminate as many surrounding limitations as possible and a step away from the 360 towards the PS3 eliminates quite a few of these limitations.

Hideo Kojima already felt limited by a 50 GB Bluray DL disc when he created MGS4.

Monty_The_Great3480d ago're right, devs dont make games because they want to make money because they are in a business, but because they want to prove to fanboys like yourself that they care about what you think. The video game industry is a business, nothing more, nothing less, they want to make money. Not care what some ridiculous fanboys think about them.

Serg3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

You are clearly missing the point. Of course they want to make money, but there is nothing more satisfying than expressing your imagination and be successful with it.

And pointing out the _obvious_ limitations of the 360 makes me a fanboy? I'd say it makes you one because you are ignoring them. I don't like the Xbox much, and I have a growing hate for Microsoft which started back in the days with Windows 95, continued with Windows 98, over to ME and Vista, the Xbox just adds the RROD to the list. Speaking of which, I don't like the Xbox because of it's frequent flaws which haven't been addressed since launch, I guess Microsoft really cares about the customers right?

I think of it more like this: It makes me a customer with higher standards who's expecting the purchased tech to work as advertised, not to break down after a few months, with disc scratching and disc reading errors in between.

I had my colleagues 360 for a weekend some 2 years ago and grew tired of watching that: "Please put the disc in a Xbox 360 system." video because the damn thing wouldn't read them properly. Additionally I have managed to screw up a game by tilting the Xbox 5° while the game was running. And it RRODed in front of my eyes back at his place while playing Assassins Creed.

What do you say? Plenty of reasons not to like the 360 don't you think? I like the games, but I won't throw my money out the window to play them. Some are coming to the PC anyway, only 1 or 2 titles I am interested in remain untouched.

ultimolu3480d ago

Daoshi if I was a guy, I would have stated that I was a male. I am a female.

I have no reason to lie about my gender.

And yeah, you're right. I am a fangirl, but I am a fangirl of great games and reliable products. That's the way I am. Don't like it? Not my problem.

RememberThe3573480d ago

Damn you hit the nail on the head.

Too bad the 360 has contents that I can't ignore. If only the 360 was made better it probably would have secured the lead this gen. But the 360 has some fantastic exclusive content, so until my system red rings I'll be as 360 gamer as well as a PS3 gamer.

freitax3480d ago

Or maybe sony owns a bunch of studios and now they are starting to release games?ever thought about that? Sony hasn't acquired not even one more studio since the ps3 came out.

Uzesgelen_Goo3479d ago

xbox fans are worst they always denying facts that ps3 is better than xbox360 overall. ps3 have long activity and great games same with free online and cute/fun/enjoying psn games. i have 40+ xbox360 games but i hardly playes them. but i'm always on ps3 i have 25+ games. and you see this is what quality over quantity.

Uzesgelen_Goo3479d ago

please explain me why?!(-_-)

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TheMART3480d ago

You think Rockstar leaves 30+ mln. 360 users and sales just out for Agent because of nothing?

Nope, Sony draw the $$$$$ checkbook also. Cut the crap Sony, you paid bucks to get exclusive 3rd party again. And nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

-MD-3480d ago

Agreed about time Sony did something for their fans it's disgusting how they promise them all kinds of exclusives only to see them on 360 a week later.

Rockstar employee 1- "Hey guys GTA4 was a success it sold millions on both platforms but the 360 version sold tons more copies!"

Rockstar employee 2- "Yeah so the only logical answer to that is to make a PS3 exclusive for fun!"

Rockstar employee 3- "We're genius!"

bullswar3480d ago

Pony's desire is the sign of desperation ... cuz Pony has been using following words desire, hope, wants, thinks, could, would have and so many other words just to consol hearts of many Ponystation 3 owners ... Pony is tryin to secure some position in already lost WAR of this Gen.

Fact remains this Gen clear winner is none other then Microsoft Xbox 360 and when they revealed Project NATAL info and demo, I knew it that Pony has already become obsolete in this Gens war.

Stryfeno23480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Tsk, tsk, tsk....And they say Sony doesn't pay for exclusives? HA!!!

Didn't Kaz and Jack say they will never pay for an exclusive? Well I guest he lied.

"We have a very different approach to exclusives than some of our competitors. We don't buy exclusivity. We don't fund development. We don't, for the lack of a better term, bribe somebody to only do a game on our platform."

MGOelite3480d ago

i love how the bots stand behind the pervert milo camera, sooner or later IT will ask to see your penis...

sonys controller are much more useful for gaming, you could nock out every game in the wiis libary in full HD on the ps3 and then whatever sony comes up with the extra tech

GiantEnemyCrab3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Sony is funding it? Okay so MS funded any of the exclusives they've received.

Is that the new spin funded?? LOL

You would have to be ignorant to not think that Sony has and still is whipping out it's checkbook. They just say whatever they want in the media it wouldn't be the first time they've been caught in a lie.

Sony is doing the same things MS has been condemned for.

But don't hate the player hate the game! That's the way it works.

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table3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Schick looks and sounds alot like Wilkinson Sword... thats a razor blade btw kids.

TKCMuzzer3480d ago

It'a business, Sony want you to buy their console. Plus Sony helped Atari out so there might not be a Ghostbusters game without them so they deserve something in return.