PALGN: Final Fantasy XIV Online Preview

Final Fantasy fans have been waiting a long time for the next main instalment of the franchise, Final Fantasy XIII, a wait which still has another year to go. However, Square Enix's surprise announcement of Final Fantasy XIV brought shock and delight to fans everywhere, which may have been dispelled shortly after the addendum Online appeared. While it may not be exactly what fans were hoping for, it was inevitable that a next-gen follow-up to Square Enix's previous MMORPG Final Fantasy XI would appear sometime, and going on what PALGN knows so far, there may in fact be a lot to look forward to.

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ChozenWoan3450d ago

Compared to FF13 and FFvs13, this is a true FF game. Where old tech meets new meets magic meets monsters meets the end of ma blade. Ohh yea.

Blackcanary3450d ago

yeah i can't wait two doesn't matter what console it comes on i'm getting it.