What Genres Are the Big 3 Backing for the Future?

Imagine you're Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. You've got an hour or two with the world's assembled press hanging on your every word to show them how the next 12 months and beyond are going to pan out. What would you do?

Would you concentrate on your target audience's favourite kind of game? Or would you try to cover as many bases as possible?

With the dust settling on E3, GamesRadar has collected all the data from the big three's keynote speeches and converted it into graphs to show you exactly which pies each company is proud to have its grubby fingers in. Is Microsoft still pushing shooters? Is Nintendo still about sports games?

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Shnazzyone3481d ago

At what point did sony show 45 ps3 games.. last i remember they only showed 7 or 8 ps3 games around 13 psp games. Is he counting everything they showed in that 3 minute montage for 2 1/2 seconds???That is not showing something... that's patetic.. and how come he says nintendo only released 1 platformer for wii when they announced galaxy and new super mario bros for wii which is easily 2... i assume the 1 action title is metroid: other M.

I swear when i watched the MS press confrence it felt like they showed wayy more titles for 360 then sony showed for ps3... I dunno. anyone got an official count? because all the numbers seems fundamentally flawed.