Gamer Limit | Hands on: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Gamer Limit writes "Square Enix, even with a couple slight annoyances involving menus, were able to recapture all the magic that the original Kingdom Hearts games were critically praised for. "

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Cloud-14093395d ago

I'd like to get MY hands on a copy of this game.

Dimly3395d ago

Disney and Final Fantasy isn't exactly peanut butter and chocolate. Barely passable.

syvergy3395d ago

Huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, just wish it was on a console I actually owned.

SkankinGarbage3395d ago

I read that the main reason FF characters are even in the original Kingdom Hearts games was because Director Tetsuya Nomura was just too lazy to make new NPCs. That really annoys me, more than it should.