Kotaku: Just Cause 2 Impressions: In Which Everything Explodes, Awesomely

Luke Plunkett Writes:

I saw plenty of games this past week. Some good. Some bad. Some worse. But only one game could be the best-looking thing I saw all week. And that game was Just Cause 2.

Just Cause, released a few years back now as a GTA clone set on a sparsely-populated tropical island, was one of those games where you went "eh, nice idea, but really needs a sequel to get it right". And from what I've seen of the sequel so far, it's getting things so, so right.

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qface643480d ago

with everything that's been going on lately i forgot all about this game

FCOLitsjustagame3480d ago

I thought the first game was fun. Nothing triple A but it was mindless bullett spaming fun with really nice environments. Oddly as nice as the in-game environments were the cutscenes had bad graphics, but who cares about cutscenes anyway.

I hope this game has the same nice environments, the same nice skydiving and flying but better driving and better missions that require a little more then running back and forth spamming bullets and hand gernades. Still if thats what they give me I will still get it but wait till it gets cheap like I did the first one.