Who "won" the press conferences?

VG247: Let's mark the platform holders' performances out of ten. Let's say who "won". Why not?

Microsoft – 9/10

By the numbers, 360's line-up in that presentation was phenomenal.Alan Wake dated for early 2010. Kojima came out to confirm MGS Rising for 360. There was a ton of "entertainment" stuff like, Facebook and Twitter integration. Then Microsoft wheeled out the megaton: Natal.We'll go for 9. The only reason it's not a 10 is because there was no "hair-stand-on-end" moment and Natal did look a long, long way off.

Sony – 8/10

Let's get it out of the way. Sony's E3 press conference this year was superb. The motion tech was next. This was not pretty. The two guys doing the demo couldn't get it working properly at first, and compared to the promise of Natal it looks distinctly "old". Time will tell.A motion "wand" that looked too much like a dildo. And an apparently ineffective dildo, at that.It's an 8 to us.

Nintendo – 6/10

After last year's shameful display, Nintendo didn't have to do too much to redeem itself at E3 2009. A few hardcore games, less obvious tat, more seriousness. We got all three.It was good. Two new Mario titles and a Metroid Wii game isn't shit.But it's still light. And third-parties were largely absent. And Cammie's "costume" was unforgivable.We'll have a 6. Without Metroid it would have been a 5.

Overall Winner: Microsoft's Conference

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GWAVE3479d ago

I'm puzzled why Natal is a "megaton". Casual motion-cameras are megaton? So why didn't Sony win with their "megaton" Eye camera? And I guess this is the year where "games" don't matter at E3, because Sony had them in spades. I applaud Microsoft for doing an excellent job of making an entire 1 1/2 hour presentation using only 7 games, because that's really all they showed off.

I understand that lots of the mainstream media sites have said "Microsoft wins!", and that disturbs me, because upon closer inspection, the only reason why they "win" is because....they just DO!

Venomish3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

the article is not biased at all because microsoft did show more exclusive games than sony and most of their games are real exclusive and not available on pc as well.


i read the article, please everyone read it
please read it and tell me it is not biased, please
i man it stinks with bias, it is not even hidden or concealed
and before bashing me for saying this, take some time and read i

ShabzS3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

but in the end it all really boils down to your own opinion ... not the most number of opinions but ur alone..

INehalemEXI3479d ago

All I can say is you wield your sarcasm well.

XxSpiiKeZxX3479d ago

so NATAL is the best?? did they show a freakin LIVE DEMO
id say the motion and natal are equal and that leaves us with software
I dnt care who u r but SONY dominated the software and yes we knew some but hey we knew almost all in MS case jus not the MGS: R in which they say it was exclusive...Maybe the person who wrote this article doesnt know that it aint exclusive
But hey letz just say software was equal( which clearly itz not)
Sony still had the PSP GO and revealed a whole lot of love
so what did SONY miss???
HEAVY RAIN, Ratchet, Quantum Theory wouldve added o the greatness

all i know is that God of War 3 murdered everything

heroicjanitor3479d ago

The ps3 already had all of those websites. The ps3 has a motion detecting camera. They only had 2 or 3 exclusives while sony had 10 or so absolutely top quality exclusives.
I don't understand why someone can write such a biased article. Anyone without bias would say sony had more exclusives/better exclusives.
They would also say natal is miles off and what microsoft showed could easily be staged, and really wasn't that impressive. The final games might be impressive using natal, but saying brown to get brown isn't. The ps eye can detect hand movements for throwing paint. Everything they showed using natal was a concept and had clear faults. It could end up good, but it could equally fail and I will reserve judgement.

menoyou3479d ago

Yup, just shows how bias the media is. There are a lot of 360 fanboys out this generation for some reason.

table3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I think MS did a great job with their presentation. Although SONY had the best line-up of games Microsofts was the most entertaining to watch. It's just simple marketing, something SONY doesn't quite understand. Marketing is big in the west especially in America where adverts or 'commercials' are the most popular programs to watch. It was all flash but little substance from Microsoft.

I'll just add that having a game that is multiplatform doesn't mean that you 'win' E3. Alot of people cry victory for MS whenever they announce a multiplatform game...

raztad3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

It's unbelievable how teh facebook is so cool and amazing games dont matter anymore when Sony presents/announces them.

I dont care about who "won" or "lost". Not my problem. I'm just having a lot of fun reading those articles explaining how amazing is teh natal (aka PSEye ripoff) and 1080p videos now :D, wait but PS3 has 1080p videos long time ago + BR + Home (>>>facebook). This is so LOL. Going back to play some UC2 multiplayer :D

BTW, guys please relax and take it easy. I prefer Sony "losing" with good games, than "wining" with facebook

SIdepocket3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

The drama is heavy with this one.

Anyone else think that GWAVE has a dozen or so accounts because he always seems to have these agrees on these ridiculous posts?

sunnygrg3479d ago

People seem to forget Eyepet a lot these days. Microsoft replaced the cute monkey with a kid with an accent.

Dread3479d ago


u sony fanboy extremists are so funny

it must make u mad that ms won again.

u should not feel bad though.

at the end we all won as gamers.. everyone is getting awesome stuff, so please stop crying.

Freak of Nature3479d ago

For me it was a win win,really impressive from both PS3 and 360.Being a PS360 owner,the show once again varified that owning both systems is the best option,at least for me....

As for some others,really lose the spite and the down right hate,it's real ugly,and counter-productive.

Venomish3479d ago

for a second lets talk less about who won in our opinion and more about the article it self: is it biased or not, do you feel the tone is different when it talked about microsft than when it talked about sony?

SaberEdge3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

I agree with this. Microsoft had the best press conference, followed not too far behind by Sony, with Nintendo in a distant third. This is the consensus among the majority of the gaming press.

I find it funny that it is the most diehard Sony fanboys on this site that can't live with the fact that other people disagree with them. And then they have the audacity to call these journalists "fanboys". The truth is, most people among the major gaming news outlets are a lot more impartial than most of these PS3 diehards will ever be.

Ok, one argument I am getting tired of is the whole "Sony had the games". Implying of course that Microsoft didn't. What a load of crap. Well, of course Sony had some great games to show off. Uncharted 2 and God of War 2 were particularly awesome. But the PS3 lineup isn't nearly as impressive as some are making it out to be. For one thing, Sony has more of a tendency to announce games far in advance of when they will be released, thus some of these games are there every year stacking the lineup and giving the illusion of the PS3's being more impressive. Last year, for example, we had games like Heavy Rain and Gran Turismo added into the lineup of games that was supposedly going to crush the 360 in 2009, yet it's now looking like we won't even see those games this year.

When you look at the lineup of PS3 games that is actually known to be coming out in the next half year, it doesn't look nearly as impressive. In terms of the big games coming out this year it actually seems the 360 will have a better lineup. Uncharted 2 is a sure hit and Ratchet & Clank has a decent following, but personally out of those two games only Uncharted 2 is a must-buy for me (obvious R&C fans will disagree). If MAG makes it out this year it might be pretty good, but so far I am not really impressed by it. I have a feeling it will be decent, but not really on the same level as some of the other big games.

The 360 on the other hand has a very solid looking lineup of known big hitters such as Splinter Cell Conviction, Halo ODST, Left4Dead 2 and Forza 3. I'm sorry, but no matter what your individual tastes might be no sensible person can deny that that is a very formidable lineup sure to do very well on the 360.

Next year the PS3 has some big hitters like God of War 3 and Heavy Rain, but there are equally big hitters on the 360 in the form of Mass Effect 2 and Alan Wake.

This game advantage that Sony fanboys harp about only really exists in their minds. In the measurable realm of critical and commercial success I think the 360 has a powerful lineup that is more than enough to go toe to toe with what the PS3 is offering.

50CALheadshot3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

If sony creates or accomplishes something to better the gaming experience for its fan base, sony and the "creation" get thrown in front of a speeding train and THEN get doused with flames.

Now, if ms copy's and paste's the same idea and incorporates it into a halfassed incomplete "me too" gimmick, it gets praised, hailed, and acclaimed as the second coming of jesus christ.

LOLz. that is really funny this gen.

Noticeably, and arguably the 1 thing that comes to mind is that the media was wrong in 2006:

ps3 is doomed.360 ftw
brd is doomed.hddvd ftw/ dd ftw

I lolz'd since 2006 while enjoying next gen media not available anywhere else.

[email protected] the disagrees. AM i making it up? no. ITS ALL TRUE. i think your butthurts. honestly, you can disagree all you want. ITS NOT GOING TO CHANGE REALITY 4 u.


callahan093479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

PS3 motion controller did work. He was just bad at playing the particular mini-game that they first gave him (hitting a tennis ball or something? he kept missing, not the motion controllers fault that he's bad at the game). The way the media is ignoring the megaton announcements of Square Enix releasing Final Fantasy XIV on PS3 and ignoring the 360, and completely downplaying the fact that RockStar North's first new IP in 5 years is coming exclusively to the PS3 . . . I mean, come on. Sony also unveiled The Last Guardian with an absolutely stunning trailer, and the new IP ModNation Racers. That's 3 brand new IP's that they announced for the PS3. How many new IP's did Microsoft announce? Zero. Oh, right, they did announce a new Xbox Live Arcade game, Shadow Complex.

And Sony really made the PSP shine with announcements for Gran Turismo, Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed, the next true Metal Gear Solid, and more. I don't know what everybody thinks, but Sony has a handheld and a console on the market right now, and they can't ignore one of them in their presentation. Their job and goal is to make them both appeal to gamers everywhere. The media seems to completely ignore the fact that Sony had to play a balancing act between their two machines and could not devote their entire presentation to the PS3 alone. They act as though all of the great things they showed for the PSP are completely irrelevant. They completely ignore all of the other exclusives that Sony had at E3 but did not demonstrate on stage at their presentation because of time constraints. Other than Mass Effect 2, pretty much every exclusive coming to 360 was on stage for Microsoft.

Really, Microsoft did fine, but I am getting really sick of all these outlets proclaiming them the victor. There's so much hyping of every little solitary thing that Microsoft showed, and so much ignoring and downplaying of a lot of what Sony showed.

40cal3479d ago

Watch all 3 press conferences, listen to the crowd reactions in all 3 press conferences, i.e. applause, clapping, yelling and screaming; you know being excited. Sony easy took this years E3 buy these standards.

soxfan20053479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

It's a tie. However, I'd give Sony a sympathy point for forcing it's president to mention "Hannah Montana" and use the phrase "teen and tween girls" during his PSP presentation.

BRG90003479d ago

Comments like that confuse me. There was a live demo using several different pieces of software, each of which were more fleshed out than the sony motion demos. Milo was a video (and there was a video montage of the possibilities), but lots of people seem to think there was no live demo. Did you guys not watch the conference?

Viper73479d ago

US has many XO gamers, so its not too suprising to see media supporting it. However in the end it comes to what consoles you have.

If you have both Psp and Ps3, theres no question that Sonys press conferense was the best. Nice ammount of new games coming for both platforms including 2 big ones for psp (Peace walker, GT portable)
Then Last guardian, Agent, FFXIV, Lost Planet2. Then after conference MGS Rising multiplatform info.

However if you only have Ps3 and X360, you might think Sonys press conference was worse because half of the time was focused to PSP.

Wii or Ds only gamers probably don't even care who won, as many hc wii gamers got what they wanted. there was probably a half a dozen if not more new games fitting for hc gamers announced so how can one be disappointed?

But the industry sure is F**** up if Microsoft gets 9/10 for just showing some motion control and a new halo game. I mean the best part of the press was the footage of upcoming Alan wake. Facebook and twitter just seemed pretty poor as they are already accessible with full features on rival consoles :|

Imo Microsoft 8/10, Sony for Ps3 8/10 for psp 9/10, Nintendo 7+/10 for both

Eamon3479d ago

Of course, when Microsoft is praised more than Sony in ANYTHING AT ALL, it automatically becomes biased.
I'm ashamed at all these journalists and writers of articles who think Microsoft won e3 when obviously Sony won (no matter how much MS's conference was more impressive)
How could they even DARE to say MS conference won and Sony didn't. That's like the taboo of the taboo!

People, go back to your games and stop making your life obsessed with the success of a company. If Sony won, how would it improve your life at all? It's not like you have a share in the profit.

callahan093479d ago

I just noticed this comment in the article:

"Rockstar North’s Agent as an “exclusive” (we’re assured it isn’t)"

What the hell kind of off the cuff comment is that? They're "assured it isn't" exclusive? On what grounds? Where's their source? It's just one among many complete BS comments made in this article. Junk I say.

kevnb3479d ago

not that microsoft did poorly or anything.

kevnb3479d ago

thats the thing, sometimes they think im an xbox troll because I call them out on it. Anytime something goes microsofts way theres an excuse, even if it makes no sense.

Condemnedman3478d ago

Cry me a river ... your a looser ..... you don't have any friends

sorry it childish but this guy never gives up

if you love your ps3 so much great (i do) stop trolling on the 360 and spend more time playing

PS360PCROCKS3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

7 games? They showed off Final Fantasy, beatles rock band, tony hawk and than showed TEN of their own exclusive games. Alan Wake, Forza 3, Halo ODST, Splinter Cell all had running demos. Pull your head out.

edit:: "Watch all 3 press conferences, listen to the crowd reactions in all 3 press conferences, i.e. applause, clapping, yelling and screaming; you know being excited. Sony easy took this years E3 buy these standards."

Lol well seeing all the crazies this site has to offer I'm not surprised they were screaming like maniacs. Haha ;)

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Spike473479d ago

And for the record, I am not excited about the PS3's motion sensing either.

All I know is, Sony announced 2 new IPs, the Modations racing game and Agent exclusively on the PS3.

MS announced..another multiplatform game? And..footage of an already announced game? Only Halo: Reach was exciting, and I wanted to see Mass Effect 2.

callahan093479d ago

The Last Guardian is a new IP as well. ICO is pretty much a genre in my opinion, and since each new "ico" game has featured all different mechanics, stories, characters, etc., it's like each game has been a new IP fitting that very unique style that I call the Ico genre.

dustinmacd3479d ago

Well I understand what you are saying, but, listen. It isnt BS, regardless of what you think, motion sensing does have potential.

Listen, I wont Use It.
BUT, that doesn't mean a lot of other people wont.
Its competition man, its great for us, regardless of what people think, Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo are here to stay, well into the next console generation if not farther. They just make too much money to just...disappear....

But, hey let them fight, their fighting is just bringing us new technology, and new and better games you know?

The fighting mini-skeletors made me happy on sonys demo lol.
And yeah, I do want to know about Agent, im intrigued.

rucky3479d ago

You can practically taste the bias from these sites. Check the way the two sides are written about their upcoming games.

For Microsoft
"By the numbers, 360’s line-up in that presentation was phenomenal. Hawk came first, then the unparalleled Modern Warfare 2 with exclusive maps, FFXIII got a good date in early 2010, free-to-play Avatar racer Joy Ride held its own, Crackdown 2 got announced and trailered, Left 4 Dead 2 was confirmed as another 360 exclusive, Splinter Cell: Conviction knocked it out of the park, Forza 3 looked ridiculous, Halo: ODST got a long demo and Halo: Reach was confirmed for 2010.

Look at it again. If we’re just talking about exclusives, Xbox 360 has Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Forza 3 and Halo: ODST confirmed, shown and dated for this Christmas. It’s good sh!t."

For Sony
"The Last Guardian looked phenomenal, but it could be at least 18 months way. And despite assurances from Yamauchi in the conference’s wake that GT5 would be released any time, a chance of disrupting PSP Go’s launch by bringing out the PS3 version anywhere near GT PSP seems very slim. It’s 2010 for sure.

God of War III’s “March 2010″ date has “slip written all over it,” as one pundit had it yesterday. What’s the must-have Christmas game for PS3? Uncharted? MAG? Against Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Forza 3 and Halo: ODST? There was no Heavy Rain, which we assume will come in Germany, but can it have a chance against such a solid slate of traditional action exclusives from Microsoft this Christmas?"

mrv3213479d ago

Last I check L4D2 isn't exclusive but we will just ignore that. I likr how they assume microsoft will keep there game time schedule and Sony somehow wont. Imagine if Sony released GT5, GOD 3 and Heavy Rain this year, then someone will be typing... 'What about next year Sony? Microsoft has Alan Wake the exclusive title which isn't on PC(it is).'

ultimolu3479d ago

It's goddamn sickening.

bunbun7773479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

'What about next year Sony? Microsoft has Alan Wake the exclusive title which isn't on PC(it is).'

you made me laugh --thanks =)

evrfighter3479d ago

well there's 3 people who obviously haven't slept since E3...

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mrv3213479d ago

I loved the comment the PS motion controller was ugly, they must have watched the press conference because I remember them saying something about it being a prototype... and not the final build but of well let's just go with the hardware that makes you, your avatar, and your avatars shoe look stupid natal.

happyface3479d ago

you really think people want to play games holding a purple glowing dildo?

how is sony supposed to market and sell something that looks like that?

Look at how Apple sells technology(and sony used to), this thing is a lost cause

Saaking3479d ago

Happyface is it really so hard to understand that it's a PROTOTYPE. It will not look like that when it launched which I'm which will be much sooner than Natal which had no live demonstration at all.

Product3479d ago

wow there is seriously a curse word in every paragraph of the article.

Buttons3479d ago

Welcome to the Internet.