Sony touts acne as a next-gen game feature

Destructoid writes: "Sony let us know that only the PS3 has the power to render detail so fine that the characters even have acne. We had the privilege of seeing the amazing Heavy Rain up close, but maybe this was particular close up was too close for comfort. We're talking whole-screen face here.

"He's got acne. I don't think acne on an actor in a game ever before," Sony says of Heavy Rain character Norman Jaden.

Scars are old. Pores are so last year. Acne is where it's at, according to Sony. Microsoft, where you at with the acne?"

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-x.Red.x-3358d ago

can the xbawk handle that?

RonDeMuerte3358d ago

The 360 would explode if it were ever coded to render a zit!!!

It's just too much for it..

xino3358d ago

Itagaki does not approve!

qface643358d ago

i don't know about the rest of you but i don't care how amazing that is
i mean acne? its not really appealing if you ask me

*pictures kasumi and ayane with acne* shivers >_<

Blaze9293358d ago

Come on, bring on head lice! Skin cells! nose hairs! Every detail counts

3358d ago
Elven63358d ago

Cool but this isn't anything new, facial details such have acne have been reproduced in games for a while now. The only thing that would have changed now is the detail which is a given.

3358d ago
fezthabest3358d ago

YES! awesome now Itakagi can develop for PS3, as you all know he was waiting for Sony to create a machine that can render his face completely

Trebius3358d ago

That's all well and yipee...should we be super excited? We know ps3 rocks.


The sims 2 had acne, a big red one :)

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KionicWarlord2223358d ago

damn..thtas interesting. acne? Damn i wonder whats next...

lloyd_wonder3358d ago

Just goes to show how immersive games will become. The little facial imperfections are helping to build more believable character models.

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The story is too old to be commented.