Perfect Dark XBLA Going Online

Examiner: "During E3 it was revealed that Perfect Dark would be making way to the Xbox Live Arcade. Like most XBLA titles, the game will be getting upgrades in the graphics department and will be adding in achievements. However, it looks like a little more will be added to this game than previous titles."

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jdktech20103332d ago

I loved this game on the N64 and now I can play it online. This might be the first XBLA game I've ever bought in the 3 years I've owned the 360. Can't wait

green3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

Perfect Dark is a must buy but you should also checkout the upcoming Shadow Complex.The game looks very cool.

MattyF3332d ago

Online multiplayer with this game makes it even more golden.

greyfox2353332d ago

shadow complex looks like metroid on the gba, which is VERY good :)

FamilyGuy3332d ago

looks like "this gen" Contra so yeah, it should do just fine, especially being a XBLA title and as such having a lower cost than full/retail games.

Perfect Dark online? I wonder if this will start a trend...

kewlkat0073332d ago

except in a 2D/3D kind of way.....

It looks serious fun...hopefully co-op...

Cheeseknight283332d ago

First XBLA arcade game? You mean you never bought...

Geometry Wars? (2)?
Castle Crashers?
Bionic Commando?
Penny Arcade?
Pac-Man Championship Edition?
Rez HD?

There are a lot of gems out there, you should download arcade games more often.

iDystopia3332d ago

Perfect Dark with co-op and competitive online = Pwnage

ChrisGTR13332d ago is wrong with you OP. you mean to tell me you never downloaded braid, castle crashers, geometry wars, duke nukem 3d? i cant really think of any others but seriously now, perfect dark isnt better than those.

JokesOnYou3332d ago

One my old favorites. Hope they do more of this.


FamilyGuy3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )


jdktech20103331d ago

Don't have the coin to buy smaller games like Arcade

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PtRoLLFacE3332d ago

nice i ll b getting this when it comes out

Goldenarmz3332d ago

lets get Goldeneye and the old wrestling games and ill be a happy camper.

AAACE53332d ago

I don't know if you played this game before, but Perfect Dark pretty much was Goldeneye 2!

They used the same gamelpay and all but changed the characters and story. Added bots so you could have 16 player multiplayer battles. Cool sh*t like a sniper rifle that could shoot through walls and such.

Good lord! It this game gets the graphics smoothed out and they can get it running at 60 Fps consistantly... it will be a slice of heaven!

The only thing that would make it a better release is if it was free!

Keep your fingers crossed!

Unicron3332d ago

But why? This game was MADE for having 3 friends over and doing all night splitscreen parties.

Though I'm way, way anxious to see the visual updates.

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The story is too old to be commented.