DoubleJump Podcast Episode 1: Now Injected with EvilEnergy

GrE writes, "Episode One will rock your socks with co-hosts Bob Alaburda, Allan Bowden Smith, Gabriel Marchisio and Jason Evangelho

This Cast of Evil will answer the time-honored question, What is your LEAST favorite gaming console?"

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Neco5123113d ago

Great 'cast! Interesting answers on the console war

supercharger51503113d ago

lol, I'm listening RIGHT NOW!

CrAppleton3113d ago

Me too! Not really.. already listened to it.. I like Jason's answer on why he hates the Xbox 360 :D

bgrundman3113d ago

360's die... simple as that.

CrAppleton3113d ago

And people keep buying them :D because XBL is like crack!

roblef3113d ago

I really like the answers to the least favorite console. So varied!

reluctant_gamer3113d ago

More stuff to listen to on the bus! Keep it coming!

MaCkTeHkNiFe3113d ago

Great stuff, looking forward to the next!