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Heavenly Sword 2005 vs 2007 Screenshot Comparison

Here is a comparison of the 2005 Heavenly Sword Trailer and the footage that has been shown in 2007.

Context is important for this comparison. The 2005 trailer was made from gameplay footage, but of course including effects that they hoped to achieve.

The footage that has been shown in 2007 is actually from a 2006 September/November build. There is reason to believe that the game looks even better now as claimed by the developers themselves and from the recent screenshot they revealed. (Heavenly Sword, PS3)

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xfrgtr  +   3110d ago
Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
Spartan15  +   3109d ago
I completely agree.
Bigmac573  +   3110d ago
Heavenly looks beautiful <3
Can't wait for this one.
nix  +   3110d ago
he he he... liked the last one....
it says: "kills remaining - 159" q:

boy.. i'm going to love playing this game....

just finished God of War 2... wow.. just wow!!! now i'm more keen to find what that "countdown" is all about... anyone got a clue what the countdown is all about?
techie  +   3110d ago
want to know where that kill counter starts? 2200 ;) The countdown of enemies shows how many you are to kill. 2200 sounds scary, but trust me they have made it fun. You can bazooka at certain points and kill loads. Also you can kill about 30 at a time in a well timed move :)))))

When Nariko is using the Heavenly Sword it drains away her health...it's basically killing her. So that's a countdown of your life.

Oh that countdown! lol...think psp, or movie. Don't think GOW3...hasn't started development yet.

Ok that counter may start at 400...but the amount of enemies on screen that they can get upto at the moment is 2200 and perhaps rising. Straight from the devs :)
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nix  +   3110d ago
i love it even more... hmmm.. didn't know about the drain part.

thanks deepbrown..

ahem... now, any idea about the "countdown" of GOW? yeah.. i think i asked the question at the wrong place... q:
Cysquatch  +   3110d ago
Counter starts at 400.
I read somewhere that you have to kill 400 enemies at the beginning of the game.
Torch  +   3109d ago
"just finished God of War 2... wow.. just wow!!!"

Oh, yeah, I know EXACTLY where you're coming from: Last night, I finished the first God of War...and man am I pumped to throw part two in later tonight! It's gotta be the best, most exciting game I've ever played (compared to those in its genre, at least).

My only gripe: at one point, late into the game, I realized that I must have accidentally switched to "easy" after croaking one-time too many, thereby preventing me from unlocking some Treasures. That pissed me off, to say the least.

But I'm really anxious to see how the story's gonna turn...

...Oh yeah, this is actually a Heavenly Sword thread. Yeah, look forward to that too.

(sorry to have gotten carried away...told you I was pumped!) ;)
MikeGdaGod  +   3110d ago
when i first bought the ps3......
this game wasn't even on my radar. but as more and more info come out, i'm looking forward to this game as much as any other that i've been fiending for.
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Spartan15  +   3109d ago
that's the same thing with me, at first I was like, okay. But now I'm pumped.
Takumi86  +   3110d ago
wow that's f4cking crazy the graphics are just gorgeous
PSN Starfleets  +   3110d ago
Gorgeous. But don't games like this become repetitive as its just button bashing? No? I'm not sure..

But I'd defiantely buy it if it wasn't.
techie  +   3110d ago
and fps games aren't repetitive? Shooting, shooting, running, shooting, ducking, shooting.

Sorry, but I'm craving this game and they've been working on gameplay for 3 years...so I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

Fighting on Water, in treetops, in the clouds :) Bring it on!
SmokeyMcBear  +   3110d ago
wait I actually push buttons in games?, and move the joystick? I even push the same buttons more than once and sometimes in a series of motions?, even in fighting games, I push the same buttons over and over again?
jwatt  +   3110d ago
If you seen the videos, the fighting style will not be repetitive, it had to be a developer playing it because he was doing all kinds of different moves. It also has the same thing God of War has where at some moments you have to press the right button at the right time to do a special move. They did a pretty good job on the graphics too and the story was good too.
Says you  +   3110d ago
This game looks more like CG game play
This game I'm getting.
ALIEN  +   3110d ago
Contra26  +   3110d ago
is her hair in dread locks or is that just bad graphics?
SmokeyMcBear  +   3110d ago
duh its dreadlocks dummy, don't you know all badass chicks have their hair in dreadlocks, anyone knows that
techie  +   3110d ago
Hehe. That was in the concept demos since it was thought up in 2004. Silly. The kind of artistic animations of the hair in this game has never been seen before. It's truly beautiful and magestic.

Here is another dreadlocked goddess...as posted by Vio.

Related image(s)
Marty8370  +   3110d ago
Defo A Hit Then.lol
Violater  +   3110d ago
Anyone that knows ROME the series

That chick def reminds me of Nariko, Vicious, brutal, beautiful, and both after mens genitals (in different ways though)
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quiddd  +   3110d ago
Ninja Theory...........
2nd or 3rd party?
PSN Starfleets  +   3110d ago
By repetitive I meant..
Deepbrown, and Smokey, I dont appreciate the immature sarcasm so cut down on the foolishness.

I think there was a game called Samurai Warriors on the 360, and just from watching it it seemed like combos after combo's to try and get through a whole army of enemies.

With FPS, there is an objective, there is an immediate threat (you get hit once or twice, game over) so its evade, cover and kill - move on. But I know nothing about this game and from looking at screens, it looks like its a similar concept of bash the button as quick as you can and your certain to get through.??

What is the game about..what does it involve?
techie  +   3110d ago
I displayed no sarcasm and it wasn't immature. I myself am not a fan of the amount of fps games we get. I find them reptitive myself. DOn't mind stealth that much though.

What's Nariko's motive? Well this game is pretty cinematic with a steller script and cast. I usher you to the trailers, you might get a better sense of it there. It is shrouded in mystery, but I assure this game is more than "button mashing" and it will be a big relief when it comes out so I can drown out the hoards of shooting games that fall so angrily around us.

**edit** Dareaver1 - please don't get into this. You think I'm talking about brand loyalties? I'm saying that I find all fps repetitive. What I don't like is when some people say "ahhh this is just a God of War rip off" or "this is like Ninja Gaiden"...and so I say...so what!? Two great games...a genre which in my opinion is under staffed. What are Resistance and Gears and Halo and Killzone...!? They are all very similar.

If it's said to be repetitve then I ask the same of those that are fans of FPS (not 360 fans) why that sort of game is not. Very different games yes, but from the post it sounded like an attack at the genre of these games. You need to start reading peoples posts before jumping to conclusions or tainting them with a character which isnt justified.

The gameplay in this game is pretty on form...best fighting in a game I have seen and there are lots of breaks in between, as it is action with adventure.

Button mashing is definately an insult to it, the combo's can be techincal and it's not a game that you can pick up and start pulling off all the best moves, it takes time to learn the different ways of attacking and the more you play it the deeper the experience gets. The dev's are there pulling off massive combo's while your there learning for the first half an hour, obviously this is very rewarding the more you learn.

It's balanced really well and there will also be some "platform" kind of elements that are really good, the levels are spectacularly beautiful everyone's only seeing a glimpse of that at the moment.

Simply put it's pick up and play fun but deep enough to keep everything interesting which is what you want.
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SmokeyMcBear  +   3110d ago
haha yeah that was me with the sarcasm and immaturity.. my bad. But still, a lot of different types of genres have the whole, push the button faster than the other guy. What I do know about HS is that she has a couple of different styles of fighting, each with its own unique types moves. I also like the concept of guide the missle/thrown object with the sixaxis

If you look at FPS, is has the same repetive nature as so called button mashers. Its hey look at that guy.. run.. jump, shoot, throw nade.. turn around, hey look at that other guy, shoot.. run around something, shoot some more nade, jump. Its the same type of fighting, anyway you look at it. Its all about preference. Don't get me wrong, I love a good FPS, but it does get repetetive, and you are doing the same thing over and over again, round after round.
Dareaver1  +   3110d ago
well first, why have the reference to fps in the first place. this is an action adventure game, why not compare it to dynasty warriors and say that they implement better, that it just isn't about button mashing. if you talk about fps, which have no baring on this game, then you are showing your biased. When people talk about fps, they are referring to 360, and don't be all gosh i didn't know about it, either. Man up to your statements. anyway the game looks impressive, but if you think that the gameplay is not going to be repetitive, then you are truly stupid. Repetition doesn't necessarily mean bad, every game is repeptitive. do you really think that this game is so advanced that it won't have any repetition in it's gameplay. that must mean it is either very short, or they have a new control theme and objective per stage, because that is the only way it won't be repetitive. Yall and your brand loyalties, you sound like kindergartners on the playground talkin about each others toys and saying well mines is better. You fanboys on both sides need to grow up. And stop actin so immature.
SmokeyMcBear  +   3110d ago
um, not sure exactly who you are talking to, but I guess I'll make a little response. I am thinking you are proving my point. Every single game is going to be repetitious. Fighing games.. punch punch, block, kick, punch+kick, twirl the joystick, rinse repeat. FPS run shoot, jump, run shoot jump, throw grenade. Racing.. hold down X, left right, left, dodge crashing cars, turbo. The gameplay is what is important, are the cinematics interesting, are the visuals amazing. The variety of the moves. In watching the first level played of ninja gaiden, I noticed the same 3-4 hit combo jump was implemented a lot, I know you can change weapons and therefore change fighting styles, but it did seem to be the same thing over and over again. I just don't get it when people say button mashers, in a sense almost all genres have a hit the button a bunch of time, time the button presses, see who can push the button first aspect to it.
Dareaver1  +   3109d ago
Deep, am i not allowed to express my opinion
First off i didn't call it a button masher, but i did say make a comparison to something that makes sense like dynasty warriors, which everyone knows is a button masher. And then i said to describe how it is different then that type of game. Second, you seem to be the only one on the planet besides the developers that sounds like they have played the game. That is showing biased because you haven't played the game, and what trailers have you seen that no one else has. That's what i mean by kindergarten behavior. Interpreting things about something you have almost no knowledge outside of the general synopsis of the game. I said the game looked impressive, it does, but if it has more than one interactive cutscene than guess what, that is repetition. If it has more than one stage where you have to do the same task, that is repetition. I'm sure you see where i'm going with this. Every game is repetitive, that's kinda how you learn the game to begin with, but by comparing and saying that it's not as a fps, than your sadly mistaken. Ninja gaiden has great combos if you can master them. I'm pretty sure this game is gonna follow the same path as weapon based styles. Have you ever played Jade empire, great game, great fighting idea, but can be repetitive, that's what i'm saying about this game. there is no way it is not going to have repetition in it, but that doesn't mean that it's not gonna be a great game. You getting so defensive about this game makes it sound like this is a game you are creating. It wouldn't be far fetched to assume (and i said assume) that you have a fansite to this game. If you read your comments, it just sounds like your in love with the game, which kinda creeps me out a lil', but that is also why i responded. You make this game sound like a god, the be all and end all of all great games, dramatic story, creative and in depth control scheme, flawless gameplay, groundbreaking in everything it does. You have never played the game, so i don't think it is for you to tell these people all these assumptions. Thank-you!
Jamaicangmr  +   3110d ago
Amazingly beautiful
This game looks amazing i wonder if they will do a Nako (or whatever her name is) and Kratos combo game. Maybe with co-op play (Online split screen) that would be just sick. But maybe am jumpin abit too far ahead on this one lol!
theagony  +   3109d ago
after god of war 3 and heavenly sword 2 probably they will do a combo game where kratos and Nako meets with each other and fall into love ... at the end they both die..and we all cry:P
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daomay  +   3110d ago
man this is gonna be an AAA++ title
I must say she look like my x-galfriend from behind :-)

that fine (__x__) of her hmmm

anyway we broke up 'cause me mum and dad couldnt get any sleep 'cause women was too loud in bed...so I had to let her go lol
SmokeyMcBear  +   3110d ago
you live with your mom and dad? that says a lot
Jamaicangmr  +   3110d ago
2nd party they are mmm!
Violater  +   3110d ago
Another Jamaican
I tell u we are everywhere!!
DC RID3R  +   3110d ago
HAVE to big-up my jamaican people in the place..............................

*HS looks promising btw*

Jamaicangmr, Violater, sound di big ting like BUSY!

Even John travolta a try di 'online' http://youtube.com/watch?v=... to bumboclart

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daomay  +   3110d ago
man this is gonna be an AAA++ title
I must say she look like my x-galfriend from behind :-)

that fine (__x__) of her hmmm

anyway we broke up 'cause me mum and dad couldnt get any sleep 'cause the women was too loud in bed...so I had to let her go lol
Jamaicangmr  +   3110d ago
Must have been hard to cut her loose.Why didnt you just let her bit down on the pillow or her panties something. You gotta fight for good ass man, fight.
Jamaicangmr  +   3110d ago
Whadd up?
Yeah not just Jamaica lol! Whats up Violater?
Violater  +   3110d ago
Nothing much
Just checking out my soon to be Fav Ps3 game
TheMART  +   3110d ago
Must say, when there is something that's worth, I'll say it. Like I said buy a PS2 with God of War 1&2.

SO far I haven't seen so much for the PS3 too have or buy it for even. This game in screenshots looks really good.

But now in moving footage please, realtime etc. Because I've seen more before that hasn't come true.
techie  +   3110d ago
hey up marty...all the 2007 is from footage that was shown about a month ago. All gameplay footage as well. :) So yeah it is that good...and as it says in the speil above, will actually be better. The Ninja Theory team has grown a lot since 2006 with SCE Cambridge going in and really polishing this game up. So yeah it'll look better than that. Good times aye?

1ups impressions of the graphics from the playable demo at E3 2006,

"The graphics are the obvious highlight, with nice bump-mapping accompanying her fluidly animated red tresses. Bloom lighting was in full effect, which made Heavenly Sword look like some parts were pulled straight out of the arena scenes in Gladiator the movie."

Ninja dev "Wait to see the final game on a real TV set and not from a movie, I can assure you Nariko and all the other characters have got HUGE textures and a HIGH poly count (dont ask me numbers, trust me)
Just be patient..I believe you will not disappointed at all!"
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Mr Murda  +   3110d ago
Whoever Disagrees with MART's comment is gay!
I see that a few people have "disagreed" with MART's comment. How? What's to disagree with in that comment? Please let me know.

Anyway, this game looks good and I'll probably get it. When this releases it will be the third PS3 exclusive worth buying, the other two are R:FOM and Motorstorm.
tethered  +   3109d ago
Was that a compliment?

Just going from what themart said, this game will sell thousands of PS3's all by itself.

The game does look amazing.
I too will be waiting to see more.

By the way Mr Murda, I clicked agree. lol
Its the first time I have ever agreed with the guy on a PS3 post.
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SimmoUK  +   3110d ago
:) the best bit about this is all the 2007 footage here is 6 month's prior to when it was released and it's very impressive, so as you can imagine this game is looking even better since then, people shot down the last screenshot for not being realtime but you will see...
Violater  +   3110d ago
I'm sure
We will see but when??
thats the part thats killing me :)
God of Gaming  +   3110d ago
Looks pretty good...hopefully the gameplay holds up,usually the downfall or greatness of games like this.
THWIP  +   3110d ago
They either "re-cast" the heroine...
...or she's had a ton of plastic surgery, and got amber-colored contacts over the past couple years. Regardless, I'm glad to see she's not wearing as much eye makeup now......a true warrior goddess doesn't need such things. ;)
Bebedora  +   3110d ago
Yes they dooo!
Just look at fran in FFXII. Even bumping a** running around in high heels. Hilarious and sexy at the same time.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   3110d ago
Ive played this Game.
Its called God Of War. Just another hint that God Of war will come to the 360.
THWIP  +   3110d ago
What the hell are you talking about? 0_o
shotputking  +   3110d ago
maybe i'm missing the joke here... but how is this a hint that god of war will come to the the 360?? especially since god of war is either first or second party property of sony?
Black Republican  +   3110d ago
ughhh I don't get it.
can you please explain.
ronin_oni  +   3110d ago
God of War 1 & 2 were done by Sony's Santa Monica studios. That's like saying Halo 3 is comming to the playstation along with his friend Gears of War 2. Be sure you know what you talk about before you throw out false tid-bits of info like that.
theagony  +   3109d ago
man now we are dealing with dope ass* xbox dudes.
right mate righ it is comming to xbox too..and you all will be playing it with white uniform wearing people...jeez
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Black Republican  +   3110d ago
I am buying a PS3 because of this game.
candystop  +   3110d ago
So what's been holding you back from picking one up? I'm personally going to wait until late 2008 or early 2009 to get one myself because that's when the games I believe for PS3 will be truly stellar!
Black Republican  +   3110d ago
I haven't bought one because I am BAD at saving money

BUT I can understand what you mean, at the time PS3 might not have alot of GREAT titles to choose from, but either way you look at it, buy one now, buy one later.
You and I will still buy one.
chrisin3  +   3110d ago
Your comment seemed rather irrelevant. I know what you were getting at--in a convoluted way--but it seemed unneeded. Hack and slash games do get boring for some people. It's a valid point, though you don't have to agree...
candystop  +   3110d ago
This game looks really good and I just hope it really lives up to the hype!
kewlkat007  +   3110d ago
Umm let me see
GOW rip-off with a chick..I wonder what's her story?

Thats all this game is, you'll see when it's out. There will me many side by side similarities. Watch..

If the topic is repetitive games, then every game we play is repetitive. Since this game is comparable to GOW, then the gameplay will be similar, again being repetitive.

Only the Nintendo Wii breaks that mold of the:
button smashing, combo vengeance, attack, attack, block then fatality, only to do it all over again and again on a hundred bad guys.

Oh yeah This game does looks good, hopefully its not short and repetitive. ^-^
Bebedora  +   3110d ago
Aborted post.
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fenderputty  +   3110d ago
This game is going to rock
Like violater, the only bad part is waiting for it. This game has me twitching.

Why is it that since this game is in the same genre as GOW, I have to hear people call it a RIPOFF? It's going to be awsome in both gameplay, graphics and storyline. Aren't there different fighting styles that one can switch through?
#29 (Edited 3110d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
lilwingman  +   3110d ago
This is one of my most anticipated games for the PS3. Repetitive button mashers... some of the best games on the market IMO.
kewlkat007  +   3110d ago
Well I still think
Only the Nintendo Wii breaks that mold of the,button smashing, combo vengeance, attack, wait, attack, block then fatality, only to do it all over again and again on a hundred bad guys.

so everything is repetitive in a sense..but yes, "It is what it is", some of the great games are button smashers..

Quite frankly, why do you think Sony did not bring GOW 2 to the Next-Gen Consoles? I'm sure 3 will be though, but won't be going against this game.

And No God of war will never be on the 360, until Sony resigns like SEGA and only makes software, like you see Sonic at a picnic table with Mario.(I heard they are best of buddies) No Hard Feeling..

To the guy below me YES , PS3 has no games right now. It has some franchises that are still living it up on the Old-school consoles which will eventually get to the PS3, unless they pull a CAPCOM, we'll see.
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Oncnawan  +   3110d ago
How is the Wii breaking the mold? By not putting out any hack 'n slash games? Or by putting out games that don't involve repetition?

I havn't played Red Steel, but from the reviews, the swordplay sequences sound an aweful lot like your statement, "attack, wait, attack, block then fatality, only to do it all over again and again on a hundred bad guys."

Or, maybe you are referring to the fact that the Wii has a stronger library of mini-games?

Perhaps you are merely referring to the Wii's reliance on wiggling instead of button-mashing? Ultimately, the input doesn't matter. Games that require precise timing, thoughtful movement, situational awareness, adaptability and, in general, experience-wrought skill will be more interesting than games where the pinacle of skill is repeating the same combo ad nauseum to take out anywhere between 5 and 50 enemies each time.

Those kind of games (the deep ones that require more than 3 minutes to learn the intricacies of combat) can appear on any system. They have not yet appeared on the Wii (to my knowledge). Please explain how the Wii is "breaking the mold."

As for the rest of you, the question that has been repeated in the comments and has not yet been answered is, will Heavenly Sword's combat play more like Ninja Gaiden, or Ninety Nine Nights?
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Figboy  +   3110d ago
i can't wait
i got to play this title at E3 2006, and it was a lot of fun.

i'll try and remember as much as i can from my experience with it (the arena demo we're all familiar with was is what was shown)

in all honesty, it has more in common with God of War and Ninja Gaiden, than Dynasty Warriors and Ninety-Nine Knights.

to generalize, think of the button layout of God of War/God of War 2. that was the control scheme for Heavenly Sword (at least last year).

you have a strong and medium attack (Triangle and Square, respectively), and a grab (Circle). "X" is to jump.

the shoulder buttons switch between Nariko's stances, and between her weapons (those Kratos like chain blades, and a wicked gigantic sword), and also handle blocking.

depending on the weapon and stance she's in, she has access to a bunch of different moves and attacks specific to said weapon and stance. these moves flow very well into each other, and the result looks very fluid and natural, like, say, the battles in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

switching between the various stances and weapons are vital to defeating enemies.

some enemies con on to certain attacks, and develop a resistance to them, forcing you to switch up your tactics often.

the baddies also don't just attack one at a time, and will often bum-rush you at once. i found using the chain's Triangle attack to be very effective in knocking them all back.

what i thought was also cool is that i could throw people into the set-dressing littered about the arena, or kick objects at the bad guys.

the demo was short (i think i beat it in two or three minutes), but it was a lot of fun, and i had to force myself to not hog up the controller, and let the other people play (of course, the guy manning the demo probably would have kicked me off anyway).

if the game still plays anything like that demo (or, hopefully, better), than we've definitely got a AAA title here. i don't expect them to trash their excellent fighting engine and starting over from scratch so close to release anyway, so i'm sure we'll be fine.

i don't know if this cleared up any questions, but if i remember more, i'll report it here.
##? (Edited 3110d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
fenderputty  +   3110d ago
That's the info I was looking for.
I knew you could change styles in mid battle mixing things up. I didn't know meanies get used to a repetitive fighting style. That's really, really cool. The gameplay sounds awesome. The fluidity of things going on sounds awesome. The environments sound awesome. Andy Serkis is acting in this thing. It's going to be an awesome story line too.

This game is just AWESOME.
Dragonopolis  +   3109d ago
I believe that this Genre of Games is more of a evolution from RPGs and Cinematics not FPS
Remember the days of RPGs They were less about physical interaction and more on the Puzzle solving but they often relied on Cinematic representation rather than full control 3D. Cinematic gaming was used non RPGs like what Mortal Kombat using digitize sprites of real people to give it an edge graphic wise. Heavenly Sword takes it to the extreme. Gone are the complicated menu structures of old but the puzzle elements are still there from RPG but the the leveling up is not emphasized. I believe that the Next Final Fantasy will probably have a Similar type system done Square Enix style. RPGs at one time represented greatness of the machine because of the beauty of Cinematics/CGI which made the console look ahead of its time. Heavenly Sword, God of War, and probably the next Final Fantasy is just taking it to the next level. Sure there are other game elements from of other Genres other than RPG but its my belief that the concept is more in-line with why RPG came about than with anything else. This rebirth of a Genre (Cinematic gaming not RPGs) is probably going to be the next popular Genre on the PS3. It may even spill over to the xbox 360 but again different strokes for different folks. The Xbox gamers are more FPS/TPS/ rather than Cinematic/RPG/Platformer because that was the xbox's strength when it was trying to find a niche in the console market. Where Playstation was built with RPGS,simulation(driving games), even some platformers

Heavenly Sword is more than a button masher it has puzzle solving and deepness to its fighting system. It looks to add the best of several Genres and will probably be hailed as the first true Next Gen game for the PS3 if it ships in May or gets overshadowed by Lair (which I doubt)

Can't wait to see if this game lives up to the hype. I don't own a PS3 yet, but the more I see, read, and hear about this game the more I fear I will half to shell out the bucks for a PS3 earlier than I want too. Actually in a way I hope it does because then all games will have a new standard to be judged by no matter what console it is on. This will only raise the bar for other developers to get their programming skills together or get left behind.

Good times for gamers................
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Underworld Ascendant Interview | RPadTV

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