GameDaily: E3 Winners: Halo, God of War, Zelda (not Mario)

GameDaily: "As many industry professionals can attest, E3 2009 can be extremely productive in meeting and discussing business, but actually playing the games in question is a difficult task.

Thankfully, many thousands of attendees fill the role of "game player" quite nicely, and IndustryGamers had some fun keeping an eye open for what we saw as the hottest games on the show floor.

It comes as no surprise that first-party games scored the longest lines of the show, but would you believe that the biggest game at Nintendo was not the recently announced New Super Mario Bros. Wii?"

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Deviant3476d ago

Halo ODST ....srsly this game doesnt look interesting at all. Splinter cell , Forza 3 and many more are definitely better games.

ShabzS3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

haha ... i think the 10 / 11 million halo fanatics would diagree with you .. but yes personally i was more interested in alan wake and splinter cell

Smacktard3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I hate Zelda fanboys. Link on a Train better than Galaxy 2? PH was one of the worst Zeldas, and this one is gonna be just a carbon copy of PH. Who cares?

Blink_443476d ago

you mean just like halo 3 was a copy of 1 & 2?

Smacktard3476d ago

Yup, pretty much actually.