Big Download:E3 2009: Dragon Age: Origins Hands-On Impressions

Steven Wong Writes:

BioWare is making a huge showing at E3 2009, with no less than three completely unique role-playing games. The company's fantasy opus, Dragon Age: Origins, deals with dark fantasy, with a story that's filled with violence, lust and betrayal. Players take on the role of Gray Wardens, who are the only ones that can fend off the Blight, an event where dark spawn rise up under the command of an arch demon and destroy everything in their path.

Only Gray Wardens know how to kill an arch demon, so they are the only ones that can prevent the annihilation of humankind. Along the way, players will make decisions that will drastically impact the flow of the story and collect an entourage of allies, each with their own motivations.

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