God of War 3 Uses all of the PS3's Processing Power

During a developer walkthrough at E3 a developer confirms the details.

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CSM-101e3399d ago

Using all the SPU's and using all of CBE's power are two different things. My car uses all it's cylinders just idling, but it doesn't use them to max power until I'm in 7th at over 2800 RPM. ('97 3000GT VR4, yes seven gears)

ascendantofrain3399d ago

I love how the title is misleading as well...

The guys says it uses all of the processors, not processing POWER. In other words, they use the 7 available processors instead of 3 or 4.

Who knows how much actual power theyre using.

Twilightx73398d ago

Are you really counting your 6th gear as 7th, since you're in a 6 speed manual with reverse? I'd say your wording is pretty "misleading" as well. Still a nice car though.

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NIGHT_HAWK32103399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

who cares?

Montreafart3398d ago

Holy cows, that demo they showed on stage during Sony's conference DOES NOT do this game justice.

Look at these vids. Look at the textures. The skin of the cyclops. The detail of the characters and enemies. The SCOPE of the game. The textures in the cave. The water running down in the cave. The little details like the rats. HOLY SHIAT, this game looks FKING AWESOME.

One of the best looking games and definitely does a run for best looking game of the year. I didnt think Killzone 2 could have a challenger but dang here are Uncharted 2 and God of war 3.

donnie-21053399d ago

it doesnt matter how much power their using its how WELL their using that power.just like with the 360 no devs can say any machine is maxed out as there is allways a way to milk that little bit more

aldesko3399d ago

Exactly. Sloppy programming will "max out" any console quickly.

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