Secret Atari project revealed

Ambitious new PS3 Home-beating community portal in the works, says Atari online boss.

MCV can reveal that Atari is to roll out a major new online initiative in the summer which will allows users to create their own gaming experiences. The project will initially be PC only, but Atari Online Entertainment senior vice president Chris Bergstresser has hinted at much bigger things to come.

"Let's just say it will be PC to start with," he said. "I can't and I won't speak for Europe but presumably if it is a success in the US then yes, it will be coming to Europe. We would quickly open it up to other territories."

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Rooted_Dust4244d ago

We don't need a community portal on PC, that is what the internet is for. If its a sim-community and many people are going to play it, its an MMO. It better be free to use as well.

MikeGdaGod4244d ago

if it wants to compete with Home it better be free

Clinton5144244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Nowhere do they state that they're competing with Home. Weak.

MetalProxy4243d ago

Sorry Atari you will need more than that. To little to late...

kewlkat0074237d ago

project they hinted about..