New Battlefield: Bad Company screenshots

Electronic Arts have released five new multi-format screenshots for Battlefield: Bad Company which is set for release on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this year...

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nanometric3886d ago

You beat me to it! I was only a minute late :D

sak5003886d ago

from 2 months old video whats new about it?

sovietsoldier3886d ago

i was going to say the same thing!

socomnick3886d ago

This games gonna kick so much ass.

sak5003886d ago

Love the battlefield series specially on the PC..BF2142 and its new expansion kicks a$$. Can't wait for new content for Bad company but why put this old screenshots in the news? I had reported it but still got approved.

Ru3886d ago

some times old news can be good news? this story is getting hot!