Project Natal Deconstructed

The industry was watching. Microsoft had (mostly) kept their secrets well and, although there were rumours, nobody was quite sure what their big announcement would be.

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Sonyslave33479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

lol why is a pro ps3 site talking about Natal lol ain't Natal 360 only.

Real Gambler3478d ago

So you think it's not ok to discuss products showed during E3 on this website... This is NEWS 4 gamers after all...

Sonyslave33479d ago

Ps3fans need to give up trying to down play Natal it fvcking work every one who try Natal loves it.

PirateThom3479d ago

Everyone who tried the Wii before released loved it as well.

Everyone who bought Wii loved it for the first few weeks.

Loving something in a trial aspect and something being useful for gaming, are two different things.

Real Gambler3478d ago

Main thing still, is PRICE... This toy needs a VERY good processor, so it can handle face recognition, voice commands, and tracking 4 body limbs at the same time, while ignoring background noise and other video nasty like moving curtain.

So you need a decent array of microphones, very good cameras, and a very very strong processor (alone this processor could likely cost $200!). Not something that will come out cheap for sure. This will not be a simple PS2 eyetoy, or even a PS3 eye (just one camera, but 4 microphones)so don't expect a $50 item here!. Being more complex, I expect it to cost many hundreds of dollars. How do you bring that to casual players? You certainly cannot add it as a bonus with a game...

fear883478d ago

Which is in fact great but very very expensive.

Xi3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

the article lost all credibility when it started to compare natal to the eyetoy.


It doesn't use the same technology, it doesn't preform the same way, it's not the eyetoy.

Judge natal for what it can do, not from what other products that some think are similar can do.

also, completely incorrect.
"The two cameras (stereoscopic) provide depth perception in much the same way as our two eyes do. Basically it instantaneously triangulates the location of an object based on how it appears slightly differently to each lens."

that is how the eyetoy works.

natal uses an infrared source and calculates the time it takes for the light to return to the lens, creating a very close approximate 3d model, it uses a depth map which is why the object can be played in the dark, with multiple users, and with obstruction. If you're going to post an article don't make things up and spout it as facts.