Hottest Booth Babes of E3 Part Two

E3 is a big place, and even posting a whole batch of pictures from hot booth babes yesterday, a whole lot more are still to come.

Part two of the booth babe special is special indeed.

Gotta catch 'em all!

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Maticus3274d ago

Who is that one meant to be, Lara Croft?

Dorjan3274d ago

I think she was the model for the game wasn't she?

Leord3274d ago

From Lara to Booth Babe. Must be a step down, surely!

SCFreelancer3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Who knows. I don't like her outfit very much, but she sure is nice to look at ^^.

anh_duong3274d ago

a different type of silicon on display from the type you normally associate with computer shows.

Maticus3274d ago

Nah that's not the official Lara Croft.

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Dorjan3274d ago

She is so fit...

How many sexy girls are at this one!?

Recka3274d ago

Oh how I wish I coulda gona to E3 lol

Leord3274d ago

Jesus, multiple sources of booth babes, and not many girls shown twice! =D

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The story is too old to be commented.