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Did Natal put Sony's E3 keynote in second place?

TechRadar: Precision is a noble goal, and one that will interest hardcore gamers much more than the Wii ever did, but on its own it's very unlikely to win over non-traditional gamers as Nintendo has.

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wotta3456d ago

Thats what these articles are:

Im no fanboy but as far as im concerned Sony won E3 due to the quality of games on show, I really couldnt care about motion sensors, they are a fad.

Games count and in that respect Sony won the day easily.

Hellsvacancy3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Im a lazy gamer man and a heavy pot smoker so the majority of the time when i game im pretty much in a state of unconsciousness and im not really the athletic type (i do a bit of boxin but thats it)

Thats not say that ill never use anything like that but i doubt very very much that ill go out of my way 2buy summin like this

Ninver3455d ago

LoL all of a sudden motion controls with lag is teh OMGZ? man the media sux. Sony has had this technology for years with the ps3 eye. Not to mention they even had it working with precise precision. The media and their 360 butt buddies just want something to call their own lol. They are still butt hurt that a japanese company has ruled the gaming industry for two straight generations now.

The desperation is as strong as ever and frankly until they start pumping out games that match the ps3, then i will never support such a weak underwhelming last gen turd of a console such as the 360. Just like many of the AAA ps3 developers, i take pride in perfection and so far Sony has been delivering them at an alarming rate.

PLAY BEYOND *the last gen*

Myst3455d ago

They need to bring that Eyedentify game out of the closet..

ultimolu3455d ago

Exactly, the media is full of BS right now. I love how everyone is ignoring the amount of games Sony announced, including that huge Rockstar project.


The things they mentioned puts the final nail in the coffin of that ol' saying 'Teh PS3 has no gamez!111'

poindat3455d ago

I like how everyone has conveniently forgotten that it isn't going to appear until late 2010 at the earliest and will cost $200. I mean, you can buy a PSP for less than that. Are the same people eating this up the same ones that complain about the PS3 and PSP Go's prices?

Defectiv3_Detectiv33455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Motion Tech is just a gimmick, how hard is it for people to realize that? Next year it will probably be 3-D graphics that all the companies are trying to pimp at E3.

I always thought E3 was supposed to be about games. Its no wonder MS made their presentation more about features, because they have a void in their software lineup. They don't have a single GOTY contender. Sony has Agent, The Last Gaurdian, FF14, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, and GT5. The closest thing MS has is Halo Reach, but if its anything like Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo ODST, it will just be more of the same tired gameplay.

Not to mention the PSP GO is a hell of a lot more revolutionary than motion tech. Motion tech is more about appealing to casual gamers. The PSP GO is a whole new way to experience handhelds. Its like a handheld that uses a cel phone service type network to allows users to access their game content. This is truly groundbreaking.

If anything, MS should have announced a new 360 model that will utilize 2 disc trays so people can play Forza 3 w/o having to swap discs.

callahan093455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Natal really is just a souped up PS Eye. They just added a second camera and a processor to it for depth recognition. And here's the problem with the Natal features being as such: it will be expensive.

I just don't see it being too successful when its entry point is going to be pretty costly. And really, none of the games they showed looked fun at all. I've no interest in talking to a virtual little boy, that Ricochet didn't look fun at all, those skateboarding, racing, etc. minigames that they showed were equally lame, and the painting minigame was horrendous. It's a lot of money to pay for a collection of mediocre casual minigames with the added ability of controlling your 360's menus without a controller.

I like the tangibility and precision of a controller, personally, and a clever device like Natal probably won't replace my desire to control things with a physical device anytime soon. I mean, did you see them waving their arms in slow, deliberate motions to peruse the Netflix selection? That looks like a pretty annoying way to have to search through the movies to me. And a very slow way of doing it, too.

I can click right on the d-pad 100 times and see every single thing I skipped past in the same amount of time that it takes me to do that damned arm motion ten times. The finger is much faster than the wrist, and neither is as fast as the eye (so no matter how fast I click through with my finger my eye and brain will register what I've skipped over, and I'll know that I haven't gotten to what I'm looking for yet). So I'll continue to use my physical controller to do that kind of function, thank you very much. Also, every single television owner in the world has been using a controller for the past 20 or 30 years. TV remote controls, anyone? The common man IS fine with a controller. The physical device concept itself is NOT the barrier preventing some people from playing games, like they would have us believe.

nycredude3455d ago

This is the problem with MS and the American Media. Natal look spretty cool and will work for some mini games but it won't work for a full game. Plus all this hype for a glorified PSeye! I mean come on PS3 has had this tech since over a year ago and there are games on the several games on the PSN to prove it. Where was all the drooling then? The media is fvcking retarded!

BattleAxe3455d ago

Natal has too much lag time from when you move to when it registers on screen. I was really impressed with Sony's motion controller. It blows the competition out of the water.

If you haven't seen it, go watch the live demo.

Death24943455d ago

Thank you so much bro, i really forgot about that damn game. It used facial recognition and voice recognition also. So that puts the argument to rest. I'll give people one game end the dispute about implementation. ELDER SCROLLS IV OBLIVION. From the tech demos we've seen, the sphere at the end of the wand would determine which magic spell you were casting by it's color. The sword/shield and crossbow. All Bethesda would only need to release a patch or bundle it.

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qface643456d ago

the people that prefer xbox360 over ps3 put sony in second place lol xD
i mean its also the other way around as well

Freeze9523455d ago

I loved the Idea when I first saw it, now after looking after it just might fail...

whateva3455d ago

Because I been doing this for years on my PS2 with the EyeToy and on my PS3 with the PS-Eye

and now fanboys want to make it a big deal now because it's on the 360.

Johnny Rotten3455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

Take a look at the Eye of Judgment, also take note that the one guy looks like the same guy who introduced the new motion device this E3.

Serg3455d ago

You point beeing? They've even mentioned his involvement in the PSEye and Eyetoy during the press conference.

enjoi1873455d ago (Edited 3455d ago )

im pretty sure motion sensing was done first on the PC...not the peice of crap ps2 eye toy....HAVE YOU EVEN USED THE EYE TOY....ther camera and the games them self are like 2 dollars at one used them or liked them...they sucked balls pretty much...

eye toy anti grave
eye toy spy
eye toy pet.........what am i a lonely 5 year old LOL


EYE OF JUDGEMENT LOLOLOLOL that game lasted like 3 days before it when out of stock do to no one buying that garbage.

hatchimatchi3455d ago

Natal seriously doesn't look that great. The painting thing was neat but the paint was flying everywhere in broad strokes. I really doubt it'll be precise if you wanna go into detail with your paintings. All the demos looked like something that could be done with the eye toy.

I don't care for anything in the video, it was all actors in a controlled setting. Plus the skateboarding and racing looked dumb as hell. Microsft is trying sooo hard to get the family audience. It might end up back firing on them