The Ladies Of Computex, Part One

TH: "Some of you guys have been asking for booth babes over the last couple of days and we figured the only decent thing to do would be honor that request.

With that in mind we sent our smoothest Italian editor out onto the show floor to grab some pictures of the finest booth babes at Computex, and here's what our good friend Andrea came back with (we're still waiting to find out if he used the old, "Ciao, Bella!" line)."

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qface643477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

i can't choose 1 Dx
help me out here people
the one on the left or the right?

i kinda like the left one more because she looks more natural
if that makes any sense .__.

lol xD still can't choose

Kakkoii3477d ago

Yeah I agree about the left. But the right seems to have an even nicer body, and seems like she might be a wild girl :P, so I'd choose her.