Killzone 2 v.1.27 Patch Now Available

Now available to Killzone 2 gamers around the globe, Guerilla Games has released v 1.27, their 9th patch for their flagship title.

The patch adds new functionality that has been requested by the Killzone community and addresses several other issues as well. The patch is 75MB in size (272MB for Asian release).

Here are the details:

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UnSelf3479d ago

wow how late is this??

this thing has been up since like 4 this afternoon (eastern)

Hallucinate3479d ago

9th? that doesnt sound right

trancefreak3479d ago

Maybe since the beta??

I dont like the precision aiming for sniper but the rest is good.

CaptainKratos3479d ago

i dont really see a difference in the precision aiming.

Qui-Gon Jim3479d ago

I didn't notice a difference either, except that while strafing it was easier for me to track a target somehow. Comparing the turn speed at small movements of the stick, i didn't see any difference, though.

STONEY43479d ago

They lowered the Assault's armor hit points....

MiloGarret3479d ago

YES! Finally. Good stuff in this update:

# Gameplay – Invulnerability when spawning on a deployable spawn-point outside of a base-camp is now disabled
# Gameplay – Armor of Assault class reduced from 100 to 50 hit-points
#Feature – Players will be automatically placed on the same faction, if they are friends upon using the ‘Join Friend’ option
#Feature – Squads will remain constant over multiple rounds unless disbanded.
#Feature – In-game faction changing now allowed on heavily unbalanced factions

xXKingofStingXx3479d ago

Been a while since i last played this and damn does it show! I like the new control scheme and all they've done in the game but man the spawn camping is out right terrible. I do notice that it happens a hell of alot more with bad teams placing the blame squarely on the players but still it sucks to jump into a game and get mercilessly R A P E D in your own base. The decline in players also sucks, not a whole lot of matches to choose from. Regardless though the game remains fun albeit a bit frustrating at times.

Zikron3479d ago

There is more than one place to spawn so if you don't like it spawn elsewhere, if there are explosives in your base then it puts you at a disadvantage but it's all about strategery my friend. You won't get spawn camped if you don't let them close to your base.

Also, you can spawn as assault with a rock launcher and kill a bunch of spawn campers with a single shot.

I understand your complaint but I don't want them to take out strategy for people who play on less experienced teams. I am more frustrated in CoD4 and World at War where I spawn right in front of a tank or with an enemy that has my back where I have no control over the situation.

Sarcasm3479d ago

KZ2 fans, turn on the "High Precision" and play the game it the way it should have played.

dragunrising3479d ago

I'm really liking high precision mode. Aiming and strafing feel so much more fluid and head shots are easier to come by. Check the box and enable it! :-p

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The story is too old to be commented.