New iPhone Will Include 3D Graphics Chip, Hits July -Kotaku

Next week at Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference the company will be unveiling its new iPhone, a device that will sport a built-in 3D graphics chip, operate on a new, higher-speed network and hit mid-July, sources tell Kotaku.


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Rainstorm813480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

The Iphone is not a handheld console its a phone.

PSP and DS are handheld consoles, and destroys Iphone games.

Kevin McCallister3480d ago

I definitely agree, but that's true only because Apple has a bias against real buttons. If they ever decide to add a control pad, they could become a serious handheld competitor. Need for Speed Undercover on iPhone easily matches many of the PSP's driving games graphically and has quite a bit of depth as well.

aldesko3480d ago

Yeah, buttons are crucial if Apple wants the iPhone to be a gaming platform.

talltony3480d ago

Best gadget of 09 coming next month!

Tito Jackson3480d ago

...wont launch until late 2010, maybe 2011, I seriously doubt it will run on a new highspeed network. it will still be the same old 3G. Maybe available in new colors.

skip2mylou3480d ago

ehh it works pretty dam good as one tho

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Captain Tuttle3480d ago

I was watching CNBC yesterday and some guy was talking about a rumor about $99 iPhones. Maybe a big sale to clear the retail channels of the 3G like Sony did with the 60 Gig?

Ju3480d ago

AFAIK they'll have a 4GB model for an entry price of $99.

skip2mylou3480d ago

i dont think they will theyll probly drop the price $100 and keep it around

fllysurfer3480d ago

Next week we will know the true specs... I seriously doubt they will be anything more than a bump.

Mr Face Creamer3480d ago

Hope they slash the price to half just like they did with the 3G model.

I've been holding out on these, I bought a 5800 XpressMusic in December and it sucks hard... Might get this or the N97.

McRad3480d ago

Lmao uh current iPhones have 3d graphics chips in them already.

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