God of War 3's Kratos Voice Actor is...

From the God of war series, check out who voices Kratos. Listen and watch as the actor TC Carson (from Living Single) quotes some of the more famous lines from God of War.

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gamesmaster3479d ago

badass, this has to be the most recognizable voice in gaming along with solid snake and mario.

KKanjiAnkh3479d ago

Johnny Yong Bosch
Steven Jay Blum
Nolan North to that list.

I'll even go as far as Cree Summers, and Patrick Warburton.


Yeah Phil Lamar is probably the hardest working voice actor right now.

FamilyGuy3479d ago

I use to watch that show (got sisters)
That dude voice was always super deep and tried to act sexy with it.
LOL, never really thought of where actors like him disappeared to.

Phil Lamarr is in EVERYTHING

lloyd_wonder3479d ago

Haha. This is from the GOWII bonus disc, but TC is the man!

Didn't realise he was from Living Single. lawl

Blaze9293479d ago

I remember putting that disc in and finding out for the first time who voices Kratos. I was waay; I thought he looked like who I thought but had to verify and yep, from Living Singles.

morganfell3479d ago


No idiotic laughing over the soundtrack.

deshon093479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

that sweet i knew kratos was a brother man i knew it lol

Troll-Killer3479d ago

They not only got a black dude in the White House now....they have one playing a god too. :p

koehler833479d ago

TC's always been Kratos man.. since Obama was just a rookie senator.

HDgamer3479d ago

He's been playing as Kratos since the first game. I bet many of you didn't know that Phil Lamarr from Madtv, played as Vamp in MGS2 and 4. He's also black.

pixelsword3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Obama in the white house doesn't make America's social problems disappear, and no one ignored Obama's skin during the democratic process: not Clinton, not McCain, not the Media, not the voters. The only reason Obama became President was because Bush effed-up the country so bad. A potted plant could have ran for president and won over any Republican you can name.

And Carson playing Kratos is because he has the most badass voice in gaming, not because of anything else. Heck, If Kratos looked Just like T.C. Carson (Like Jaffe Wanted to do) instead of the "every man of every race" model they used, I wonder if would have been as popular in America.

and HDGamer, I also knew about Vamp. Like I also know about Keith David Williams playing the Arbiter in the Halo series, or Samuel Jackson playing Officer Tenpenny in GTA: SA. :)

UnSelf3479d ago

so Obama being a worthy candidate is just to farfetched to comprehend?
God forbid he won because he actually knew what he was doing.

Damn for all that u shouldve ran

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The story is too old to be commented.