Demon's Souls English Website Up

E3 trailer also on the site.

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tocrazed4you3279d ago

So pump for this game I really need a hardcore RPG right now, and with news of WKC being released in 2010 this game is a must have to satisfy my RPG thirst along with bioware's dragon rpg.

MiloGarret3279d ago

I care zero about WKC, THIS is what I want, easily one of my most anticipated games this year. If I hadn't heard of the US version I would already have imported it from Japan, I'm hoping the US version features some improvements or extras as well. Not holding my breath for an EU release.

dragonyght3279d ago

they rally need to show a new trailer

cmrbe3279d ago

I love VC as much as Uncharted.

[email protected]3279d ago

I'm SO getting this. Thanks God I did cancel it my play-asia order in time :)

Tidus113279d ago

yea I'm definitely going to try this out..