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Uncharted 2: "Absolutely Solid" - P8I Beta Impressions

For a beta, the visuals continue to impress (As if anything else could have been expected after the beauty of the first game). The game runs smooth, and the familiar control mechanics translate perfectly well into competitive and cooperative online play. (Culture, PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves) -

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Spike47  +   2364d ago
You can tell a lot from a game if the beta is solid
good times ahead with Uncharted 2 :)
Cwalat  +   2364d ago
Absolutely Solid is an understatement. =)
BrunoM  +   2364d ago
didnt think i was going to have as much fun as i did with the beta ..

the map i like the mos is the night one is fun man ... every one has to play these gane .. (if the beta is these fun the full game is gonna rock)
ShabzS  +   2364d ago
i gotta say this game looked really good at sony's keynote... especially the part in the begining where he was climbing down the building i was like in awe at the background
Snoozer282  +   2364d ago
It's also a poor use of language. It's simply 'solid,' nothing can be absolutely solid, it's implied in the word.
Montrealien  +   2364d ago
yep, nothing but good vibes for me on this game, absolutely loving this beta! Gears of war online + Uncharted + chuck the treasure on the second floor to win = wiin!
Ju  +   2364d ago
That treasure hunt is my favorite. Especially because you have to throw it to get to the goal. But I see a problem coming up here: "Treasure Campers". Because someone needs to be at the treasure box to deliver the "flag", you could simply wait until someone throws it up there and you get the point.
badz149  +   2364d ago
I'm pumped up for Uncharted 2
but I'm not the lucky ones to get into the beta. but it's ok because I don't want to spoil the full game experience later! as long as I know that there are others in the beta and they love it, I'm convinced! just like when KZ2 was still in the beta. plus, this is ND, there's no way you can go wrong with them!
BrunoM  +   2364d ago
i agree with that i love that map but every time i take it up some one else is there and puts it in lol...

i mean it sucks but hey the beta is for something right ? ...

plus they have to make the kill limit go up .
gta2800  +   2364d ago
The beta is awesome!

I have an extra beta code, first person to message me gets it.

Edit: Code gone.
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cmrbe  +   2364d ago
Thanks alot
Gt2800 for the beta Key :).
Rainstorm81  +   2364d ago
Uncharted 2 Beta
after playing the beta I am sure that this game will be GotY.

Stellar Online + Amazing Single player = GotY

Hopefully everyone dosent jump on the FPS bandwagon this year.
GameGambits  +   2363d ago
Not without flaws...
Seriously I see no one has anything but praise for the beta if they are in it, but I'm wondering how much time you've all spent with it.

I'm currently almost level 22 and I have found 2 glitches and other issues. 1 glitch on Plaza lets you go get stuck into a rock formation in one of the spawns...lucky I had a nade to kill myself both times it happened to me. The other glitch I found was someone taking cover on an object middle of the street in The Village, and even though you pumped him full of bullets and blood came out---he didn't take damage.

You also tend to get stuck on cover you don't want to get stuck on to often. Such as you hitting up on left stick + O button to slide around the corner of a sandbag, and instead you get stuck on the side of it. Also if you start to get shot at and you want to roll away 7/10 times you will get stuck on the nearest wall or whatever making you a sitting target.

The sniper rifle needs more ammo in it. Even with bandoleer I only get 10 bullets. The AK sucks compared to the Flail and the M4. The submachine gun pistol is WAAAAAY too inacurate.

Also, if I'm not mistaken the game isn't on dedicated servers it seems. If I'm wrong on that sue me, because it's hard to tell, being I have had bullet lag before in games.

Despite all these things I've come across---this beats Gears of War 2 anyday for a cover online shooter. I played Gears of War 1 for 6 months and Gears 2 for 1 month, and this seems like a game I could invest as much time as I had Gears 1.

I'm sold on this. Day 1 buy-Midnight release! :D
Wildarmsjecht  +   2364d ago
The beta is phenomenal. I cannot wait for the full game.
ultimolu  +   2364d ago
I am playing tonight! :D
lokiroo420  +   2364d ago
The coop rocks, the death match rocks, plunder rocks, hard to walk away, very hard.
raztad  +   2364d ago
I know what you mean, but inFAMOUS took me away. That game is too fun :D
Montrealien  +   2364d ago
so I have only played deathmatch and plunder, did I miss something, their is a co-op in the beta also? will be checking custom games tonight I guess.
Why o why  +   2364d ago
yep, ai is tough
Ju  +   2364d ago
Yep, co-op is there, too. The level we have seen in the videos. Right in the beginning you choose co-op or competitive.
SmokingMonkey  +   2364d ago
Loved the villains in Gas Masks
Uncharted2 works so well in multiplayer, especially Co-op. Watching your teammates shimming over from below is really cool.

Graphics are stunning.

I hope for more multiplayer skins, too many Drakes running around
Rich1631  +   2364d ago
The only thing that drives me bonkers is when you hold the PS Button to quit game even when all they way out on the main menu, it reboots the PS3 after doing that insanely annoying, *BEEP**BEEP**BEEP*. I know it will be fixed eventually, being a beta and all but I am afraid it will hurt my PS3. So until then, I am not playing it until it is fixed or someone from Sony or Naughty Dog says it is safe. Damn good game though.
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lokiroo420  +   2364d ago
Yeah that happens almost every time if not every time, and people quiting coop ends the game, I hate that.
Szarky  +   2364d ago
"but I am afraid it will hurt my PS3. So until then, I am not playing it"

Hey bubble boy, get out much? Live a little. I'm sure it's fine. Stop being a p@ssy and give me your beta code and I'll play it =p
PotNoodle  +   2364d ago
Its safe, its supposed to do that - the game is running on still largely unfinished code.. look:

Szarky  +   2364d ago
I need his beta key!
Ju  +   2364d ago
Well, yeah, that's a crash, AFAIS. Nothing bad, though, I guess the internal watch dog reboots into the XMB when the app doesn't terminate right (=hangs ? maybe garbage collector is not done yet). It is a beta, none the less and it does not affect the game play in any way nor does it break the PS3.
PirateThom  +   2364d ago
I wish I had pre-ordered inFamous online now... :(
Rich1631  +   2364d ago
You didn't have to pre-order it. My Aunt went into Walmart on Sunday (LOVE HER!) and bought it for my Birthday. It just has to have the beta sticker on the cover. If you didn't buy it yet, you can still get it.

Edit: Ah, that is a bummer. Sorry, mate.
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PirateThom  +   2364d ago
Not in Europe, sadly, only online pre-orders came with the code.
lokiroo420  +   2364d ago
My code was a total surprise, got an email from sony, GAP members got codes also.
Monkey521  +   2364d ago
I have 2 extra codes
PM me if you want one.
Still_Breathing  +   2363d ago
To 7.4
Thanks for the code man.
Monkey521  +   2362d ago
no prob :)
OGharryjoysticks  +   2364d ago
No screen tearing
They fixed it. It is super smooth. I haven't had a split second of lag or anything. And don't forget to try the co-op level. The multiplayer deathmatches are cool, but the star is the co-op
lokiroo420  +   2364d ago
I agree, but you better have some good teammates or your not lasting very long.
popup  +   2364d ago
It has been a bit quiet on the beta impressions from users here. I have not had the chance to play or get into the beta. :(

Still, you say it does not tear.. Is this just a hark back to the original and it's small problems? Do the graphics look as nice in multi player mode? Can you get it to slow down?

In other words, colour (yes with a U) me a picture:)
raztad  +   2364d ago
Tech: ZERO screen tearing. Game runs smooth as butter. No lag. Matches are easy to find. Game is beautiful. Very nice textures. Negative: It restarted my PS3 when quitting.

Gameplay: Action is fast paced and 3D. Cover system works very well. In close combat situation a good meele could do wonders. Shooting feels amazing, though it takes a lot to kill someone.
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popup  +   2364d ago
Thanks. People being honest rather than being protective fanboy's really helps. I am sure all of us will benefit from constructive feedback in this regard as the end product will be better tailored :)
Sarcasm  +   2364d ago
I noticed that as well, no screen tearing that was in Uncharted 1.

They really, REALLY optimized their engine and it shows.

Uncharted 2 has raised the bar in graphics.

Sorry Alan Wake, and Alan Wake fanboys. It's just not that great looking IMO.
OGharryjoysticks  +   2364d ago
I forgot about that, but you're right. What's that all about. beep beep beep beep...that's the system shutting itself down and restarting.
pwnsause  +   2364d ago
the first game had some screen tearing, its ridiculous that Naughty Dog kept making their engine better and making this game amazing. I love the beta!

its kind of funny months ago that we were all arguing that the game shouldn't have a multiplayer, but playing this, made me retract my statement :)
Cryptech  +   2364d ago
Easy win
Uncharted 2 is a shoe in for GOTY. I agree. Ive played at least 15 hours of the beta and it is solid. Needs only a little polish, but by the time they work out the kinks the competition wont know what hit em. GOTY with no prob.
lokiroo420  +   2364d ago
for a beta it still looks so damn good though, goty definite possibility.
Dead_Cell  +   2364d ago
If you see Phantom_T running round.
Feel free to shoot me in the face.
Unless it's with that rocket launcher,I hate that already.
Shuhei Yoshida  +   2364d ago
Another fine product from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio's very own Naughty Dog, I'm sure you'll agree. HAHAHAHA!

Catch me online. PSN: Mr_Y HAHAHAHA!
cmrbe  +   2364d ago
Solid Snake!! hehe. Good for you guys that got in. I will wait until i get my hands on it. I am a very patience man.
-x.Red.x-  +   2364d ago
it's worth the wait
it's not that long anyway :D
cmrbe  +   2364d ago
Red. This game has been on top of most wanted list since it was announced. My 2009 GOTY.
skatezero246  +   2364d ago
Day one buy for me glad to here the beta is fun! sucks I don't have a code though
Peekay  +   2364d ago
is there split screen co-op?!
is there split screen co-op?!
skatezero246  +   2364d ago
I read something about you being able to bring 3 friends online in the new playstation mag so I hope so
Nykamari  +   2364d ago
No I didn't see it
I was looking cause my wife wanted to play it with me. Thats the first time she asked to play a real game me other than the Wii, oh and the WEE.
Hobadoon  +   2364d ago
Owning a WEE is clutch.
red_ring_of_death  +   2364d ago
Uncharted 2
was better than ever game Microsoft showed
cmrbe  +   2364d ago
So true. U2 alone smoked every game shown at MS conference
Any gamer would see this and yet people still insist that MS won lol!.

If we add TLG and GOW3 Sony conference is so much better and it is so obvious that the media is either biased.

Dosen't matter though.
Mr_Controversy  +   2364d ago
This is more like Gears of War 3 mixed with Metal Gear Solid 4...Epic perfected the hide/cover system and Naughty Dog implemented it.

Tomb Raider is still the king in action/adventuring. This game just looks like another great 3rd person shooter...I'm tired of this crap.
celldomceen1  +   2364d ago
Bubbles? What bubbles?
Szarky  +   2364d ago
You obviously haven't played the first one. If you did you wouldn't have made such a stupid comment.
xabmol  +   2364d ago
Wait a sec... "Mr_Controversy"?!

Oh, I get it. Almost thought you were being serious. lol
raztad  +   2364d ago
Its the other way around dude. Epic implemented it and Uncharted PERFECTED it.
TheMART  +   2364d ago
The only game on PS3 I am getting this year, but for sure a triple AAA game, will score over 9 out of 10 average. Not up there with LBP, but just below. I am guessing a 9.2 or 9.3 out of 10 with the multiplayer game besides the SP part.
Obama  +   2364d ago
Your manboobs is definitely around the size of A. Actually I am guessing a B or C.
talltony  +   2364d ago
what are you getting on xbox this year?
DNAgent  +   2364d ago
RonDeMuerte  +   2364d ago
Yeah, what are you getting on the 360??....since none of the exclusives look as good as this game......hahahaha! then this must be the only game you'll get this year...
#17.4 (Edited 2364d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
badbond1  +   2364d ago
No, you won't be getting that..
Your mommy stating that you are only worth what you xbox is---Crap. Get your grades up and then mommy can buy you a PS3. Failing the 7th grade is not going to get it done, my friend. Until then, I'll be enjoying soon to be classics mgs4, killzone 2, uncharted, lbp, Infamous! Oh, getting prototype next week - a Microsoft Unexclusive!
CaitSith  +   2364d ago
oh SNAP!!!!!!!
talltony  +   2363d ago
No response? I guess your not getting anything on 360 then? are you?
Rob0g0rilla  +   2364d ago
The beta is a lot of fun.
Especially co-op. The graphics look better as well. The best on a console if you ask me. Enemies don't take as long to die this time around too. People who didn't like the aiming in the first one will probably have an easier aiming experience with this one.
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clintos59  +   2364d ago
Thanks for the feedback and from all the excitement im hearing from the beta it has me pumped up for this game.
Before I go though I just wanted to say f*ck all of u who got in the beta lol. Thanx for making me jealous u as*holes lol. :)
xg-ei8ht  +   2364d ago
Anyone have a spare code want to hook me up:)
Britney Spears  +   2364d ago
The game is amazing and addictive. I even enjoy the multiplayer more than Killzone 2.
cmrbe  +   2364d ago
Coming from you
Britney i am not sure what to make of it lol!.
BX81  +   2364d ago
Uncharted 2 beta has flaws, it's not perfect!!! We know it looks great but try to find the things that are wrong with it so they can fix it before it comes out! Make sure you report it as well. It's solid but needs some work. Let's not have Uncharted's online be like Gears 2 was at launch.
Socomer 1979  +   2364d ago
It's real good. Very yummy.
Can't wait for this & quantom.
Yup, just saw more video on the sonyblog.
Quantom got the grapx man.

Currently playing killzone 2.
cmrbe  +   2364d ago
Man, try
Elite. It is crazy. Especially the last level. 3 shots and you are dead like in Uncharted on Crushing. The difference is in Uncharted you have a few bullets flying around like KZ2.

I looked at the stats and i died like 476 times lol!.
The Kingslayer  +   2364d ago
To hear the game's beta is good. I'm looking forward to Uncharted 2. Looks like one of the best actions games ever. Good job Naughty Dog.

Be a gamer...Not a hater
NegativeCreep427   2364d ago | Spam
Bubble Buddy  +   2364d ago
Beta's amazing. Got to level 11 in like 2-3 hours :P. It's so addicting, I put down K2, InFamous, and COD4 down.
Dick0   2364d ago | Spam
Allowen  +   2364d ago
how do I get into the Beta ?
I bought Infamous and I am an anual subscriber of Qore and I got nothing .
MetalGearBear  +   2364d ago
if u want uncharted really bad!!!!
Dick0   2364d ago | Spam
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