GameZone: Demon's Souls Preview

GameZone writes: "Demon's Souls is an intriguing concept that is slated for release in the fall. While most of the game is ready now, some minor localization is still needed to prepare it for a North American release.

This is definitely a game that players should watch for, but – as previously mentioned – this is not a game for the casual RPGer".

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Sheikh Yerbouti3456d ago

PS3 needs some RPGs.

This one looks like a killer.

I wonder if they will handle the online campaign component like Fable. Hopefully, it is not too hard. I'm not as hardcore anymore. : (

callahan093456d ago

The online is nothing like Fable. It's very hard to describe the co-op in this game, because it's so unique, but one way where it is obviously and distinctly different from Fable co-op is that you actually use your character, not some generic lackey when you join somebody else's world.

gintoki7773456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

the article is wrong because it was not made by atlus but being published here by atlus.
Thanks for bringing it over atlus but do not give them the credit for making it cmon.

"Bless Atlus USA for not only publishing quality PS2 games, but when given the chance to create a unique role-playing experience for the PS3, the company brings innovation into the fold."

callahan093456d ago

"If you die, you lose everything and have to go back, kill the monsters and enemies responsible for your demise and then reclaim your gear. If you have played Diablo, you know this very well. You don’t have much to go back with, which makes the fight all the harder."

This is not true. You only lose the souls that you had, you don't lose any of your items, equipment, gear or whatever. It is no more difficult to get to the location of your death and reclaim your souls than it was to get there the first time. If you rely on arrows, and you've shot them all and can't make it to your bloodstain, you can just go back to the nexus and buy some and return to the world you'd died in and go fight your way to the bloodstain. The bloodstain never leaves until you reclaim it or die again, so no worries there. Again, you do NOT lose your gear when you die, you don't have to fight bear-handed as they imply, the only thing that you lose is your collection of souls, which are basically the game's currency, used to purchase new equipment, items, magics, and stat increases.

Also, they preview says "The game does have an offline mode." This is only partially true. There is in fact no way to choose to play offline, other than to disable your network connection from the XMB. If you're connected to your PSN account online, then you have to play Demon's Souls online, so there is not an offline mode, per se. But if you're not online, you can still play the game without any of the online bells and whistles.

Other than those flaws in their write-up, it's a good preview that paints a good picture for why gamers should have their eye on this game.

It's my favorite game in years.