E3 Video: God of War III PS3 Head Souvenir

Sony Corp. this week demonstrated the title God of War III for the Playstation 3 at the E3 convention in Los Angeles.

In the new video, Kratos beats a solider named Helios and takes his head as a souvenir.

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Leio3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Oh my god.. (i mean Kratos) thats some nasty sh1t!!

iHEARTboobs3479d ago

That was some serious ownage. I think i'll go watch that again....

soljah3479d ago

if this was any other game character doing this i would say it looks so wrong. but with KRATOS doing this all i can say is IT LOOKS SO RIGHT !

GVON3479d ago

cool effect is the blood splatter on Kratos

MisterNiwa3479d ago

It would be cool if we are able to rip of the head of a specific 'Spartan'...

Bubble Buddy3479d ago

"Soldier named Helios"?

Helios is the Sun God isn't he? :P

UnwanteDreamz3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

IMO GOW3 was game of show.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the above comment do not necessarily reflect those of others.

Edit: @above you are correct

MisterNiwa3479d ago

Yes he is the God of Sun in the Greek Mythology.

Well God Of War teaches everyone of us about the greek mythology, which is indeed a real cool one, and then i look at such people who call Helios a mere soldier, im like... What is wrong with them!?

badz1493479d ago

but that make me kinda sick inside! I'm getting worried for the rating of this game later! but I think that kind of violence is unnecessary and should not be shown in-game. if it's a monster or demon, I think I'm ok with it but Helios is a god in full "human form" making that scene kinda creepy! so...I don't think that this will not end pretty with you know...rating board, parents...

ray69883479d ago

look at the agony on helios face

badz1493479d ago

I meant I don't think that this will end pretty

rockleex3479d ago

Well BAM! There it is!

*watch this for reference*

Kaneda3479d ago

that footage is not going to go well with hilary clinton and the news media.


@Bubble buddy

Not exactly.

The widely know greek God of Sun is Apollo, his a son of Zeus and Leto and part of the Twelve Olympians. Also considered also god light, truth, prophecy, archery, medicine and healing, music, poetry and arts. Usually depicted as a "young adult" male, the greek ideal of male beauty.

Helios is a titan deity related to the Sun.It was considered a son of titans Hyperion and Theia. Usually depicted as all grow up male with a light aureole.

Greeks didn't worship titans as much as gods, althrough titans are relatives of gods (Kronos), titans and their child are usually more related to natural phenomena. Helios literally means Sun in greek. The guy riding the chariot of the sun was Helios, not Apollo.

The distortions and misconceptions come from hellenistic period, before that, by Homero, Apollo wasn't related with sun, more with the bow (the legendary golden bow, that was actually made of silver in the poetry).

The misconception is such that by the time Romans were absorbing the greek deities (and keep in mind the Roman "religion" was totally flexible, with a lot of "continuity errors"), apollo didn't had a equivalent. It was later cited in some poems as Phoebus. The Roman Sun god was Sol, or Sol Invictus, which corresponds to Helios, but with a lot of Apollo features from Hellenistic period.

According to wikipedia GOW2 page, they say the man in armor at ending with Zeus is Helios (also there Poseidon, Hades and Hermes).

This is a little fail in the story. Not really their fault, Helios wouldn't be in the Olympus, but putting Apollo there won't fulfill the expectation of haviing a "Disney god of sun" while according to the actual Greek Mythology. They had to choose between using the wrong name or a pretty lame character (and redundant - Kratos already had a godly bow).

Be it Apollo or Helios, this won't be your usual enemy in GOW3 (ESRB would probably step up with continuous crazy decapitations like that), the head itself is obviously a powerup after you take it. But I have a gut feeling you won't be seeing this quality of decapitation only in this battle.

Man, this game will blow my mind.

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knightoftears3479d ago

Very nice!!!!! That's what I like to see baby!!!! Ouch!!!!!!!!

Sabre_G3479d ago

Pretty sure Helios is the sun god, that why his head glows after he's dead

lokiroo4203479d ago

I almost laughed out big time whenhe called him a soldier, seriously maybe read into a little mythology, I thought everyone had to in school any way.

Mum3479d ago


yeah, i facepalmed too, when I read that the author called him a soldier...