The Portable Gamer Review: Wild West Pinball for iPhone

TPG writes: "Whether you'll enjoy Wild West Pinball is very easily summed up. Do you love Pinball? If so, then buy it. If you're not so bothered about the old arcade game, well this isn't for you. Wild West Pinball is most notably a Pinball sim first, a game second. I don't mean this in a derogatory fashion, just don't expect any flashiness. It provides a very authentic experience for the pinball enthusiast but perhaps lacks a certain something for the gamer."

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CrAppleton3483d ago

LOVE pinball games.. looks awesome!

Neco5123483d ago

Pinbal games aren't bad, just get old quick

bgrundman3483d ago

I have been playing this game for weeks and it is outstanding.

roblef3483d ago

SOME pinball games are cool. Not ALL. ;)

CrAppleton3483d ago

Wild west is always a great setting for any game

roblef3483d ago

Meh. Westerns are cool. Pinball is cool. Bad westerns or pinball games are not cool.

MaCkTeHkNiFe3482d ago

I love pinball! theres a Sopranos pinball game in a Gameworks near my house... nuff said.