Sony iPhone-Proofs The PSP

The iPhone has shaken up the games industry. Digital Chocolate's Trip Hawkins went so far as to speculate that it has scared Sony and Nintendo. But Sony has decided to hold its ground with a bevy of PSP announcements and services that should cement its position as the handheld for core gaming on the go.

The PSP has floundered over the past year. It's lacked games. It lacked a library of instantly accessible titles. And worse, devices like the Apple iPhone and Nintendo DSi seemed to be leaving PSP in their digital distribution embracing dust.

Well Sony has had enough; it's fighting back.

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PotNoodle3478d ago

Honestly, i currently play iPhone games on my two train journeys each day but i only ever play them for around 5 minutes before i get bored and just carry on listening to a podcast.

When the PSP Go was shown and i saw how small it is, i knew this would be the replacement.

The iPhone isn't on the same level as the DS or PSP when it comes to real games and honestly, i wish people would stop acting as if it was.

XxSpiiKeZxX3478d ago

with u i mean the games on itouch jus last for at best 10min but clearly thatz all...teh app store is great and to me i beleive it is a better entertainment experiance, however the PSP remains the best hardcore device out there

u want entertainment- itouch

Sibs3478d ago

Minigames do not give a true gaming experience...

maniacmayhem3478d ago

you may only play on the iPhone for 5 minutes but you bought the application for life.

So it doesn't really matter how long you play it after that.

Sarcasm3478d ago

The best reason to own a PSP will be...

dun dun dunnnnnnnnn!

Gran Turismo and MGS: Peace Walker!

I could already foresee a lot of GT PSP when waiting for my fiance while she gets a hair cut lol

SaiyanFury3478d ago

No doubt. The iPhone has some games that will entertain those looking for that quick fix, but the PSP and DS hold the real gaming experiences beyond the norm. I'll not be getting a PSP Go as I already have two 1001 models, but for those looking to the digital realm for distribution, it'll deliver. Both the PSP and DS have great games that go far beyond the iPhone and iPod Touch. With the new digital download focus of the PSP, I have no doubt it'll do well.

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lol are they kidding me with this article, yep sony is done once again

XxSpiiKeZxX3478d ago

the PSP GO would look better
but the 250$ tag i feel is not justified
i mean a second analog wouldve been a whole lot better

how can u compete to an itouch/iphone when its cheaper

Johnny Rotten3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

A 16gb ipod Nano is $200 and a 16gb ipod touch is $300 here in Canada and the ipod is not even half of what the PSP is when it comes to gaming.

To me the PSP is overpriced if you already own one, but for people who are on the market the value is better than that of the ipod series.

Panthers3478d ago

I still dont get it, but I think the PSP Go looks great. And much better than the Iphone.

nnotdead3478d ago

i agree with the price being to high. i was hoping it would be same price if not cheaper than the 3000. funny thing is i still really want one. probably going to get the 3000 though.

dogmeat eater3478d ago

But ok. I do enjoy papi jump though. But thats free.

clintos593478d ago

I mean for what u get from the psp go vs the iphone I think $250 is cheap versus the iphone which was almost $500 when it first came out.

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