Postmortem: Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP BEAT

In a postmortem of the acclaimed WiiWare title, Gaijin Games' Alex Neuse looks at the creation of abstract action game BIT.TRIP BEAT, detailing what went right and wrong in the making of the original WiiWare title.

Alex Neuse: "BIT.TRIP BEAT was Gaijin Games' debut title, coming out less than a year after the team was assembled. At a breakneck pace, we tackled all the things that go along with setting up a company, designing and developing a new IP, finding and working with a publisher, and releasing a game.

While the three Gaijin team members had worked together before, we had never tried anything quite like this. Alex had tried to start Gaijin Games years ago after leaving LucasArts, but it never took off. Mike had been part of many small start-ups, but none had turned into his "home". And Chris was eager to get his feet wet as an independent developer, bringing a passion for process and efficiency to the team.

This postmortem allows you to peek behind the curtain a little bit to see how it all worked out."

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