Kobe Bryant is playing for the Knicks - NBA 2K10 Cover Athlete Revealed

UGO writes,

"Behold the cover athlete of NBA 2K10, Kobe Bryant the Knick! Not really though. Tonight, 2K will air a Spike Lee TV spot that will reveal to NBA fans everywhere Kobe as the new cover athlete for the 2K juggernaut just prior to Game One of the finals. What you see to the right is a mock up, (a lark, if you will) playing on the Spike Lee's love of the Knicks and imagining Kobe in the royal blue."

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DarthTigra 3482d ago

Lebron>>>>>> >>>> the adulterer

Graphics3482d ago

Another hater go kill urself, I cant stand haters.

pippoppow3482d ago

He's a great player but I don't like or respect him at all. His personality is grating and comes across as fake and insincere. Hope Orlando wins as I do not like not only Kobe but the Lakers team as a whole.

XxZxX3482d ago

adulteerer + sour loser = Vitamin water.

Sitdown3482d ago

I echo your sentiments...except I don't necessarily dislike the rest of the Lakers...I just do not care for Kobe, and would prefer to see anybody but him win a title. Part of that is because I don't want the Kobe/MJ comparisons to go back into full production.

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CypH3482d ago

this is where........................ happens

DarthTigra 3482d ago

LOL people really can't tell when someones joking nowadays

3482d ago