Runes Of Magic Chapter II Announced

Frogster has announced at E3 that Chapter II of Runes of Magic, the highly popular free to play MMORPG, introducing a new race, new classes, new content, a pet system, a graphics overhaul and raising the level cap.

'The Elven Prophecy' will launch in September, and will introduce Elves as a playable race with two new classes. Up until now Humans have been the only choice. Lots of lore will be brought into the game by means of a background story for the Elves.

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Maticus3477d ago

That's a LOT of content for a free to play game.

Leord3477d ago

That pet system would be very cool in WoW!

Medievaldragon3477d ago

not bad looking. Looks like something worth trying out.

Dante433476d ago

I want to play it but I want it streamed, downloading will take far too long.

ElementX3476d ago

I've tried it. The game looks exactly like WoW. When I saw the menu I noticed it was a blatant copy. The game is pretty cool, though and you don't have to pay a monthly fee. I should play it again sometime but there are too many games on PS3 right now.