Bayonetta Producer: Devil May Cry not an influence "in any way"

Gamer Limit writes: "If you have yet to check out any details for Platinum Games' upcoming action game Bayonetta, you could do worse than read what our very own Chris Carter had to say about his experience watching producer Yusuke Hashimoto play through some of it. Hashimoto also answered a couple of our questions, and was very clear about a certain comparison along the way."

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njd823477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Please, don't try and say that.

What nonsense. It clearly has some DMC in there.

WildArmed3477d ago

no kidding.
It better have DMC influence considering what an awesome franchise it is.

I'd woulda taken another DMC over Bayonetta to be honest :/

drdre743477d ago

haha its a clone of DMC lol! this dude is smoking something to say its not.

Fullish3476d ago

Apparently they have never played DMC, and any similarities is just a coince-cedink