Edge Interview: Shuhei Yoshida

After Phil Harrison's departure as head of SCE Worldwide Studios, veteran replacement Shuhei Yoshida faced an uphill struggle. The paucity of exciting new PSP content, delays to PlayStation Home, the doggedness of Microsoft in Japan, the dominance of Wii, the price of manufacture, underperforming thirdparty games: there were many chinks in the armour. A year later and, with strong games on the horizon, promising hardware, and the price of PSP development crashing, things are looking up. Defying the flu scare to visit this year's E3, he gives Edge comrade in arms, Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the complete picture.

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pain777pas3480d ago

Absolute gentleman and a class act. Really like his honesty and support to gaming in general. I like this man's approach. Realistic yet optomistic.

JoySticksFTW3480d ago

Edge: "Yoshida, why do you and Sony suck so bad?"

Yoshida: "Well, we at Sony-"

Edge: "I said you suck!"

Yoshida: "....."

It's all in there in the link...

Biased-arsed Edge


Shuhei Yoshida3480d ago

Who is that handsome man up there? HAHAHAHA!

I am concerned, however, that EDGE saw fit to post an interview I did with Official PlayStation Magazine UK and present it as their own.

Remind me to get Kaz Hirai to ban their PSN accounts, although, I doubt EDGE have even played a PS3... HAHAHAHA!