UMD PSP games going digital to support Go launch

The PSP Go will have 'extensive line-up' from launch as older UMD games will be re-released onto the PlayStation Store and available for users to download.

That was the promise given by Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios.

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Gun_Senshi3478d ago

PSP games has been digital for LONG TIME. So are PS3 Games from Fifa 08 to Warhawk to Burnout to Football Manager etc

pwnsause3478d ago

he meant UMD games that havent been re-released at the PS store yet.

irish-leprecaun3478d ago

is it eu or usa store?? how much is it??

menoyou3478d ago

Awesome move by Sony. Now if our ISPs could increase internet speeds that would make this a great transition into the media-free age.

FamilyGuy3478d ago

What games will qualify for digital back cataloging. They couldn't do EVERY game. I wonder if older games will be really cheap to, things like the first lumines or bubble bobble and if it matters that they're tiny games, 16mbs-40mbs

STK0263478d ago

expect the entire platinum hits (or are they called something else for the PSP?) to be put on the store at launch. Also, titles from big franchises like Dissidia, Crisis Core, Portable Ops will most likely make it too. I'm guessing that after a few months, most games that sold reasonnably well will be there.

However, don't expect games like Generation of Chaos, Blade dancer, Dragoneer's aria or Yggdra union to show up, but hopefully I'm wrong.

Also, expect most SCE games.

pain777pas3478d ago

Do it now I'm not upgrading till I see some serious differnces like HDMI to a TV or something cause I'll spend like 129.99 on a 32gig card and start downloading today. Good riddens to the UMD.

nothere4133478d ago

I'm glad they're doing this, because I was really skeptical about it before.

As long as Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, Daxter, and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops get digitized, I'll be happy.

Venomish3477d ago

if they put Wipeout Pulse and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max for download on PSN, I think I am very likely to buy the system -- I hate switching/carrying UMDs

(assuming all new games will be available as digital downloads)

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No FanS Land3478d ago

that sucks though for those who already have the UMD.

irish-leprecaun3478d ago

that lets them redownload for free!!
btw can psp go show off better graphics than psp 30000??

StanLee3478d ago

Like me, and I just bought a new PSP too. :(( The blue one. If they let me return my current UMDs for a code for a free download that would be great. Not everyone with a PSP pirated games or ran emulators.

kharma453478d ago

The graphics will be the same.

No FanS Land3478d ago

Yep, I have an original PHAT 1000 model. That I bought like 5 months before the release of the 2000...

I own only 8 games in a 2 years span (well 9 since I used my firend's Patapon2 DL off the ps3)

sniper-squeak3478d ago

@ Irish_leprecaun, the PSP-30000? that won't be out for a long tym yet lol and I already have four PSP-UMD games so I'm just going to get a 3000 as I sold my 1000 before Go was even announced/leaked, and just keep getting UMD games until the PSP 2 comes out... and go digital then.

pain777pas3478d ago

Question: Is anyone using the micro sd adapter in the PSP right now? I want to know if it works in the current PSP? If so I'll get one of those they're way cheaper than the pro duo and the adapter you put the micro in looks like the pro duo. That way when I get a GO I'll be well on my way games wise. Thanks in advance.

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Sez 3478d ago

so basiclly people with the older psp's just got screwed over. they have to rebuy these games again. that sucks.

ChampIDC3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

You're assuming every single person with a functioning PSP is going to go out and spend all that money on a Go. No need to buy a new one unless you really really want it.

Sayai jin3478d ago

DD is starting off small with PSP games, PSN and XBLA titles, but will grow as the speed of broadband grows. Sony and MS both are gearing for heavy DD in the near future, full HD game for DD. Most people like physical media, but everyone said the same things when MP3's emerged on the scene years ago. Look around and see how many people are listening to CD's now.

spunnups3478d ago

Until gigantic HDD's become super cheap, physical media isn't going anywhere.

Szarky3478d ago

Gigantic HD's are already cheap and they're only getting bigger and cheaper.

spunnups3478d ago

Ok but if we're talking about DL Blu Ray movies and PS3 games, some of those are 25 - 50 gb, 10 - 20 games could add up to half a terabyte. Last I checked, 1TB storage wasn't cheap.

Sayai jin3478d ago

Hmmm, you can get a 1TB hard drive from $90 to $120 right now. Of course you still have the ones that cost a lot more. In a year the will be around $70 to $100.

Close_Second3478d ago

...nor will broadband speeds in time.

The biggest issue for me right now is why in hell do games off PSN cost the same or more than the physical media!

You can go into most stores in New Zealand and pick up games like Killzone on PSP for under $30 NZD. Yet on PSn its still $34.95 NZD.

I expect digital content to be at least (AT LEAST) 20% cheaper given their is no or substantially less manufacturing, packaging, shipping, etc, etc.

Sayai jin3478d ago

^^^^ Agreed. DD should be cheaper simply due to the lack of production to put in physical media. 15 to 25%.

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