11 New Crysis Screenshots

Here are 11 new screenshots for Crysis on the PC. 7 are high-res and the other 4 are low-res.

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Violater3905d ago

I can't wait to see if "current" Gen. consoles will be able to achieve this level of realism.

techie3905d ago

Seems noone's that bothered...just think everyones jealous they wont have a computer that'll be able to run this.

Antan3905d ago

LOL! funny DB!! count me out of that though!!!

Gamer133905d ago

Hope other shooters on the 360 or ps3 look this good or better in the future i mean withing 2 to 4 years - or even less.

IM OUT...///"""

vidoardes3905d ago

I honestly belive that is above the level of realism that the 'current' generation of consoles (PS3, & 360) can achive. The price of a rig need to reproduce thos kinda graphics at a playable frame rate... scary expensive! an Alienware ALX special, perhaps?

techie3905d ago

hehe that's great. because it'll be seen on this generation of consoles. Don't you worry. it'll see 10 generation of jumps in the graphics on current consoles. Good times :)

sloth4urluv3905d ago

Great pics. Your not going to see anything like that for the ps3 or 360 till possibly the end (if ever) of the cycle.

Cant wait till I buy my new rig next year.

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