Trailer of Hour of Victory

Today Midway released this trailer of Hour of Victory (hosted by, to be released exclusively on Xbox 360. The summer 2007 release date seems still be on track.

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THAMMER14245d ago

This game look kinda sweet. Glad I have game fly. =]

r10004245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

WOW... I'm going to have to disagree.... Another WW2 game... and whats more troublesome is its "ANOTHER" god forsaken FIRST PERSON SHOOTER.....

Unfortunately these things will still be made... because people keep buying them....

ThaGeNeCySt4245d ago

*yawn* you guys don't think WW2 games have been done to death?

THAMMER14245d ago

WWII games are great. The weapons you use are classic and take skill. If you guys do not like them then that totally cool with me. I just really like killing Nazi [email protected] and playing multi player online games. Publishers tried to make Vietnam games and Desert Storm games but they all tanked. WW2 games keep selling because they are good. Much better than WW2/Alein hybrid games don't you think?

FirstknighT4245d ago

Well you have to remember that WW 2 had HUNDREDS of battles; Battle of Iwo Jima, Battle of Normady, Battle of Berlin, it's not like your playing exactly the same thing. I love ww2 games as long as they try to keep them somewhat accurate.

Yo Wassap4245d ago

I would like it it you had the chance to play as one of the German soldiers for instance. Not because i'm a Nazi (i'll use Thammers description) but because it's different. The problem is that it would be too contoversial for any developer to want to attempt. The dev team would probably disappear 'mysteriously' overnight. It would be interesting to see the battles from a common infantryman from the German lines. You wouldn't win the war, you'd just be one of the 'drones' sent to fight in it (even if you didn't stand for the befiefs).

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The story is too old to be commented.