Konami Announce MGS: Rising Simultaneous Multi-Platform Launch

The latest Metal Gear Solid (MGS) game will not only be for Xbox 360, but PS3 and PC as well and will be released simultaneously for all three platforms.

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Maticus3477d ago

Looks friggin awesome, can't wait for more info.

BadboyCivic3477d ago

don't know why some gamers are upset of it going multi...

ChampIDC3477d ago

Some people have the impression that it'll be gimped as a multiplat. Either that or they're mad about another franchise going to 360, even if it is just a spinoff.

The more gamers that get to enjoy a game, the better, if you ask me.

IdleLeeSiuLung3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Not only do more people get to play it, but everyone gets to pick the system of their choice. Fancy free gameplay or sleeker interface. You can have either or both versions!

JokesOnYou3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

So the next installment of the MGS franchise has finally made its way to the 360. Microsoft takes care of business and keeps bringing all the big franchises to the 360.

"Nonetheless, Metal Gear Solid Rising is still described by Kojima-san as the "next generation Metal Gear Solid 5."

vvvv yeah thats nintendo's big gunz, lol


disgaea3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

@ Joy

Dragon quest, Mario, Zelda and monster hunter says hi

Milky Joe3477d ago

Without Hideo Kojima, MGS would be nothing. imo ofc.

This game may well turn out to be pretty good but it won't be as good as a proper MGS game. imo ofc.

The only problems I really have with it going multi plat are the fact that the graphics probably won't be as good (very minor issue) and MS will be so smug about this for the next 5 years that they're not going to shut up, and it's not as if they were particularly quiet before it was announced. imo ofc.

YogiBear3477d ago

Remember one thing. Raiden is no Solid Snake. Enjoy Metal Gear on 360 but please realize it just isn't the same.

Game13a13y3477d ago

easy there buddy, you guys are only getting the left over while the main course (MGS 4) is still exclusive to PS 3.

oh, and PS 3 will be getting MGSR as well ;)

Valkyre3477d ago


lol douchebag , MGS:Rising has almost nothing to do with the MGS saga , which if you havent noticed , continues in a Sony platform.Also , kojima himself isnt even involved in this one , so what Kojima just did , was throw a bone towards you and Konami , while giving the true fans what they craved for , i.e. a proper Tactical Espionage Action and not just Lighting Bolt Action...

Also Lost Planet 2 says hello to you.

arika3477d ago

@ jokesonyou you are getting slammed my friend. here is the deal sony gamers get to have all the konami games plus the true sequel to the mgs saga mgs: peace walker. i'm happy that the mgs spin off will be enjoyed by both sides, but i'm happier that we get hideo kojima on our side and when mgs5 finally comes around it most probably will only be on ps3 the only console that handle an epic game like that.

more joy

TheTwelve3477d ago

Because, Badboycivic, we're not communists, and we believe that competition between consoles is better. Exclusives drive people to be better while multi games are made according to the lowest common denominator.

"Everybody wins" is an idea that pretty much stops being cool in kindergarten.

It will take a lot for me to want this game...but we'll see as things turn up.


Rock Bottom3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

They should delay the PC version a little, because once that comes out many people(including me) would just torrent the game, and would never bother buying it afterward.

I can't resist free games.

LastDance3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Yay! cant wait to play MG: Snakes revenge 2: the raiden cronicles

Narutone663477d ago

sort of spell it out for the fan boys to believe that it is a simultaneous multi-platform release.

JokesOnYou3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

"lol douchebag, MGS:Rising has almost nothing to do with the MGS saga" -Valkyre

-damm alot of hate above just for speaking the truth, lmfao "Why so serious?"

Its almost as if you're psychic and you already know what the game/story line will be about, lol so Raiden has nothing to do with MGS saga? wow, I could of sworn Raiden has been a very popular charachter within the franchise....but hey what do I know.


Enigma_20993476d ago

... from the same article, Joker...

The series' creator, Hideo Kojima, has explained in a Famitsu interview that he's actually only fully involved with the PSP game, where he will be serving as director, producer and game designer. He describes Peace Walker as the "Metal Gear Solid 5 inside me."

I wonder why you didn't mention this part?

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Leord3477d ago

First ever in the series' history. Pretty cool.

To bad Solid snake isn't here to see it ;)

kewlkat0073477d ago

portals..Bet you he makes an appearance..

Dorjan3477d ago

At least the old man has retired...

kerriganss3477d ago

meh.. not the biggest fan of MGS, it's being milked imho

cyberwaffles3477d ago

are probably mario, halo (halo 3, halo wars, odst, and reach all on 360?!), ratchet and clank, castlevania, and a whole bunch of other nintendo games and spin offs. trust me, kojima is far from milking the series.

Panthers3477d ago

there was only 1 MGS on PS1, 2 on PS2, and 2 so far on PS3. I would hardly say it is milked. Yea they did things like subsistance or whatever, but still.

BadboyCivic3477d ago

how many Mario's were made?

IdleLeeSiuLung3477d ago

So giving people more of what they want is milking now? So maybe companies should just withhold games to prevent milking?

As I sad before, and now again. To me milking is when you lend your name away or making a product that is inferior just to cash in. Mario might fall into that category, but Halo does not. Gran Turismo definitely fall into that category with multiple demo discs that cost money?

Just for your information, it appears more to me that MGS is being far more milked with a number of releases including inferior ones on the PSP not to mention a remake on the GameCube and even re-releases with additional content.

As long as a release is a quality game, I don't consider it milking! It doesn't matter how many releases it has.

peeps3477d ago

"how many Mario's were made? "

like over 100 lol

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