Devil May Cry 4 playable at PS3 kiosks in Japan

The graphics and effects look great, but the backgrounds did'nt seem to flow with the environments that well. It did'nt have that immersion effect that Gears of War gives you. It still looks better than Lost Planet though.

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Blasphemy4276d ago

I am not exspecting much from this game.

Ps30074276d ago

Seriously people need to stop referring to that game. Especially when the article has nothing to do with it.

shotputking4276d ago

he's bringing up gears to make a point. he's saying that although the graphics are pretty nice, they don't blow you away like the first time you see gears of war in action. not to say that dmc's graphics are very good, but they're just not the best. this is probably due to gears being designed for one specific console throughout it's lifespan, while dmc is being developed multiplatform.

kmis874276d ago

Actually, DMC was never anything special graphics wise on the ps2, even when it was being developed exclusively for that system. If the graphics were above average in DMC4 I would be surprised. I would expect a 6.5-7.5 in graphics for the game normally.

Ru4276d ago

and com'on DMC repetitve??? DUH
It's all part of the FUN!

Jay da 2KBalla4276d ago

Well DMC is repetitive but since sony fans seems to like it so much I'll download the demo when it comes out on xbox live and give it a try and see if I want it for my 360.

NaAsAr4276d ago

the japanese sony playstation store has it soon. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.