Combat Arms Europe: Fireteam Mode Launched

Nexon will reveal today the new Fireteam mode in its free to play online FPS, Combat Arms Europe.

Fireteam is a coop based mission involving four to eight players against an AI controlled terrorist army in a multi-staged hostage rescue mission.

See more info and two videos of CAE at IncGamers.

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Malfurion3480d ago

Impressive gameplay for a free to play game.

Leord3480d ago

A sibling business model to shareware is taking more space on the market :)

Dorjan3480d ago

Oh sweet! More missioned Co-op!

Leord3480d ago

I think FPS games are most fun in co-op, actually.

Maticus3480d ago

Very nice to see, will get stuck into that asap!

Medievaldragon3480d ago

Yea, it's fun to play FPS missions with other people. The AI has to be crazier on coop thought to offer a challenge though. Otherwise it is boring.