Retro Studios helped on Red Steel 2

People with hands on experience with Red Steel 2 have said that the controls feel much like that of Metroid Prime and creative director Jason Vandenberghe of Red Steel 2, shares why this may be

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qface643478d ago

if you ask me that just makes ubisoft sound bad
they sucked so much on red steel they needed help from people who know how to get the job done .__.

least the way i see it in my head

Product3478d ago

Hey if your gonna get help from anyone why not a studio who does fps controls well on Wii?

Smacktard3478d ago

Why not just let Retro do the whole thing themselves? They'd do 10x a better job than Ubicrap.

Product3477d ago

Lol I don't know but honestly i love the new art style and doubt Retro would have went that route.

Smacktard3477d ago

That's a good point, but the lack of 1:1 controls, and the difficulty people have been having with getting the swings to read accurately at all, it makes me wish someone other than Ubicrap were working on it.

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callahan093477d ago

Excellent news! I bought Red Steel at launch with my Wii, and I thought it was OK for the first few levels, but got tired real quick and it was a damn shame about the motion controls not being 1:1. I was one of the millions who honestly believed we were getting 1:1 controls from the start on Wii, and was sorely disappointed when I got my hands on it to discover it wasn't even close. Red Steels sword-fighting left a lot to be desired, and the level designs for the shooter portions weren't too good either, not to mentions the graphics weren't so hot. But Retro! Damn, those guys know how to make a game! Their level designs and graphics in the Metroid Prime games are impeccable and beautiful. Couple it with near 1:1 motion from Wii Motion Plus, and I do believe that Red Steel 2 will be every bit as awesome as I'd hoped the original would be.

condorstrike3477d ago

good decisions were made this time, starting with the art-style and the SteamPunk look.

Product3477d ago

i love the art style they went with. very good. You need bubbles here.

N4g_null3476d ago

WOW that is nice to hear. Who said nintendo does not work with 3rd parties. So it's official retro is making a zelda game LOL.

Some are having problems with the hard attacks while other where expecting a tap to cut through armor. Hey these guys wanted 1:1 so you know ever thing isn't going to be made out of butter you know?

Any way they have some work to do too bad I can't help them. There is lots of ways to fix this problem and even make it a cool feature.

Product3476d ago

Funny you bring that up SR, because the people griping over the power recognition prolly didn't think to reset it before they played it.

Most people with hands on impressions forgot that in the beginning of the game, there is a tutorial where you set the power recognition for the entire game.

Since it was a demo most people just picked up where others left off.

N4g_null3476d ago

That is the booth guys fault he should be fired for that. I'm glad I'm not on that team!