E3 2009: Binge Gamer Preview - LEGO Rock Band (with video of "The Final Countdown")

Binge Gamer writes: * It's Rock Band… with LEGOs.
* Acts more as a stepping stone for people who want to get into Rock Band, but lack the talent required to play a fake instrument.
* Blur's "Song 2? and Europe's "The Final Countdown"? Yes, please!
* Also offers tracks such as "Kung Fu Fighting" and stuff by artists such as Pink, Good Charlotte, and the Jackson 5. Er-neat!
* You know those color-coded tabs that show you which buttons to hold? Those are LEGOs that explode when you actually hit your notes.
* Despite having absolutely no reason to exist, LEGO Rock Band is actually quite fun.
* It's Rock Band… with LEGOs.
* And as you've probably already guessed, it's multiplatform. Wii, 360, PS3, etc.? Harmonix makes sure anyone who needs his LEGO fix can get it.

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