Amazing Just Cause 2 gameplay video - Just Cause 2 developer Walkthrought Gameplay.

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Hydrolex3481d ago

Mercenaries with better graphics and better everything lol

PtRoLLFacE3481d ago

nice!! it looks really fun i may try it out when it comes out

FrozenFrag3481d ago

The amount of things its possible to do at the same time is insane, if it remains fun looking.. 1st day buy for me

popup3481d ago

This game deserves more credit. The first one may have been buggy but it was a blast to get lost in and enjoy the scenery.

ChampIDC3481d ago

Yup, the first game was a great concept that had some burps in the execution. If they iron out all the issues (which it looks like they are), the sequel is going to be amazing.