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big shadow3480d ago

the wii looks much better in black

Myst3480d ago

I agree, it's the color I wanted from the start as well..

maruchan27six3480d ago

Same release date with Monster Hunter 3.I can smell a bundle incoming.

qface643480d ago

i agree as well black and blue are 2 colors that look good together especially like this

its the wii color i wanted from the start
gahh now i want one -__-

Sarcasm3480d ago

I personally like the White Wii.

But it's what I've been saying about Nintendo since last year.

Nintendo won't drop the price of the Wii for a VERY LONG TIME.

They're making tons of cash at the current price, and all they need to do to rejuvenate sales (especially in Japan) is release a new color.

And BAM! They did it.

This will sell like hot cakes again in Japan.


Looking much better (in white plastic it looked cheap) but still not buying one, few games I want and the price have to be a (bad) joke.

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rCrysis3480d ago

if there was a black wii I would finally complete my all black console trio. Black PS3, Black Wii, and my Black 360 Elite

MasterChief36243480d ago

It's very refreshing to see the Wii not being completely racist anymore. A very mature step for him :D

ThatArtGuy3480d ago

If I had a black case, I'd mod the light to shine red. I'd get a message from Nintendo and then it would light up like KITT.

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The story is too old to be commented.