G4TV: Splinter Cell Conviction Video Preview

G4TV writes: "Sam Fisher has gone rogue, and he's looking for the people responsible for the death of his daughter. Ubisoft producer Alex Parizeau previewed Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction, at E3 2009 today, telling us all about the innovative, immersive mission system, and the ruthless way Sam marks his prey for death."

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Foliage3483d ago

From a huge PS3 fan, I have to say this game was a pleasant surprise. It was probably the only title that stood out to me during the MS conference. (Well, I've tried every Halo, I've just never been a fan).

Gameplay-wise at least, although I'm on the fence with the lock-on-targeting.

Best game during the show on the 360 platform, in my opinion.