E3 2009: Dragonball: Raging Blast Debut Mind Blowing Gameplay Trailer

Checkout the first gameplay footage for Dragonball Raging Blast

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Erotic Sheep3482d ago

Ugh.. just make a damn MMORPG with this and you have a winner.

FamilyGuy3482d ago

*replays video*

I keep missing the "mind blowing" part...

Anyways, i think it looks strange to integrate cut-scenes for your characters special moves that look WAY better than the in game models.

You get this really nice looking cut-scene (that i dont see why couldn't be in-game) and then it cuts back to your average, almost ps2 looking, character. The in-game characters are too bright too, they look almost transparent.

jetlian3482d ago

I think its just the trailor! its not a game to cutscenes super. I may get this when its 20 bucks just like burst limit which i got last week for 15 new.

seems like its only up to cell which is as bad as burst limit. and i have bt3 on wii

-MD-3482d ago

There's a Dragonball MMO coming out already.

FamilyGuy3482d ago

That would make sense but they do cut the trailer in a way that makes it seem as those scenes are back-to-back.

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Sunny_D3482d ago

hmmm not what i was expecting?

xbotpleasefixme3482d ago

well if that brief middle part between the CG movie is the game this might be a better title than those first crappy screens let on.

Abash3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

If Xbox Evolved use "mind blowing" and "Dragon Ball: Raging Blast" in the same sentence one more time, I'm going to flip out.

Next headline: Dragon Ball Raging blast receives a Mind Blowing release date!

Neoninja3482d ago

That was about as mind blowing as watching a fish in a tank. I honestly hope the game is better than that trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.